InetSoft's Fast BI Solution

Everything about InetSoft's business intelligence solution is quick. Style Intelligence is a fast BI solution offering easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use monitoring and reporting software.


This technology can bring an incredibly rapid solution to a client. InetSoft helps organizations to identify the day-to-day business processes that impact performance, and suggests new means regarding how they can be improved. Those ideas are then turned into running solutions extremely quickly. Basic dashboards can be deployed in just minutes; dashboard solutions in just hours; entire business intelligence solutions, including data preparation, in a matter of weeks.

If you look back to the old times of business intelligence, it took people sometimes years to consolidate and draw relevant data out of systems. Not having a project last for several years is a very important thing.

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With the self-service capabilities that Style Intelligence offers, users can create dashboards and reports on a data warehouse or analytics environment very fast with a new set of users.

InetSoft helps companies manage large volumes of data, but more importantly, strives to deliver better and faster insight into that data which is currently a challenge today.

InetSoft partners with its customers across the full process lifecycle - from their first project, to enterprise deployment, and all the way through business process outsourcing.

Data Management

In many cases, businesses have invested huge amounts of their revenue in very fast databases. InetSoft's application is fully capable of leveraging the quick infrastructure of a data warehouse such as Teradata, Vertica, and countless others. Users are given the opportunity to connect directly through Style Intelligence or switch back and forth between their data grid cache and live data source connection.

InetSoft's agile business intelligence solution addresses the broad need to enable flexibility by accelerating the time it takes to deliver value. A key theme when providing users with BI solutions is to be fast and flexible. InetSoft can get you there.

Users will experience high performance scalability for large data sets and large volumes of users via InetSoft's Data Grid Cache technology. This will also minimize a client's cost of ownership by offering IT departments a new means of speeding up queries, rather than the expensive process of creating aggregates, summarizations, and manually figuring out what to index.

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