About Visualization Tools

Visualization tools are software applications that allow users to create charts, images, diagrams, or animations to effectively communicate a message. When referring to business visualization tools, we need to creating visual guides of how our business is doing, that is easy understood by any level of employee at your company.

Visualization is a technique that allows for the representation of data set graphically. When business data is large and very abstract, visualization tools help make the data easier to read and understand. Today, there are visualization tool for search, music, online communities, and almost anything, but none seem to be as vital as those used to dissect crucial business data, which also represent the greatest challenge.

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What are Visualization Tools?

  • A wide range of highly-customizable and interactive charts, gauges, maps, scorecards.

  • Allows users to capture, manage, analyze, and display geographically referenced information.

  • Represents statistical data in graphically dynamic ways.
  • Allows analysis of large volumes of multidimensional data in order to visually spot clusters, trends, and outliers.

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    What learning objective can be achieved with these particular tools?

    Compare and evaluate different techniques of visual representation:

    Visualization tools can be highly educational when being used in the workplace. No matter who is using these visualization tools (CEO's, Managers, Employee), the ability to create different types of visual representations teaches them the different ways in which to represent certain data. All data is different, and it needs to be represented accordingly. Working with visualization tools will enhance how you present your data in the future.

    Describe and analyze trends:

    The main purpose of visualization tools describe and analyze trends. Once the data is stored in the graph and it is created, a simple review of what the graph looks like can reveal hidden patterns in your companies business that you may never have known existed.

    Develop mastery with a specific tool:

    By implementing visualization tools and software at an early stage in your business, not only are you allowing your company to grow more efficiently, but your and your employees are gaining the professional "know-how" of how to successfully run a business with BI software. Over a period of time the once "know-how" of using these visualization tools turns into a mastery of the specific tool.

    What are the tradeoffs to using visualization tools?

    Adopting any new way of obtaining results, will result in some kind of trade-off. Visualization tools, for the most part, automate the process that would otherwise take many man hours to complete. For example, if the tool allows a manager to completely transform all of the companies data into visually appealing graphs and charts that are easily understood by the rest of the employees, then we would say that the manager has used the visualization tools successfully.

    What we do not see however, are all the calculations and processes that go on behind the scenes. In many cases, the increased production of using these visualization tools outweighs the fact that they no longer need to manually calculate how they got the results.

    When all is said and done, the visualization tools helped to increase productivity, increase efficiency, and allowed the managers and employees to handle more projects at the cost of not having to do the calculations manually. That is the trade-off of using these visualization tools.


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    Visualization Tools: Why InetSoft?

    InetSoft makes visualization tools that are easy to deploy and easy to use, and when combined with their their unique data mashup capabilities, you given unified views of organizational performance and maximum self service.

    InetSoft's small-footprint, Web-based application provides a streamlined, intuitive interface for all users. As an innovator in reporting software since 1996, InetSoft has pioneered the evolution from static reporting towards interactive visualization of data via dashboards.