Style Report Professional - Reporting Engine and API

InetSoft Style Report™ Professional was an edition of Style Intelligence that provided just the reporting engine, API, and WYSIWYG, scriptable, professional authoring environment.

Now this functionality is included in Style Report Enterprise or Style Intelligence.

These dashboard reporting tools allow IT professionals to create sophisticated production reports that can be deployed for server based, or desktop based applications.

The small footprint and 100% Java architecture makes it an ideal solution for embedded reporting. It is based upon XML, JavaScript, and other open standards technology that allows IT to fully leverage existing skills.

Report Designer

Product Features and Capabilities

Data Access

  • Connectivity to relational databases (via JDBC), XML, SOAP, Java beans (POJO), XML, EJB beans, flat files, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, many ERP applications and cloud application sources. See all.
  • Custom data access adapter
  • Multi data source joins
  • Graphical query builder
  • Global query and single report local query

Professional Report Design

  • Powerful WYSIWYG report designer
  • Word processor-like and HTML-like layout
  • Rich presentation element library
  • Dynamic expanding table, formula table, and super crosstab
  • Free positioning fields based section(band)
  • Charting library with over 30 different types
  • Reusable meta template and report beans
  • Sub-report nesting
  • Advanced presentation - TOC, maps, images
  • XML based templates and global query repository
  • Export to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, RTF-Word, CSV, Postscript, Text, and SVG
Read more about InetSoft's in-memory database technology to learn how it works and what its advantages are over a pure in-memory solution.

Programmatic Control

  • 100% Java API
  • Report template manipulation
  • Data binding to presentation elements dynamically
  • CSS support

Reporting Performance Features

  • Multi-threaded report server
  • Configurable data cache
  • Automatic page cache and swapping

Business Logic Embedding

  • Report, page, or element-level scripting using JavaScript
  • Highlighting on background, foreground, and font
  • Conditional control on element visibility and page break
  • On-export and on-print report control
  • Live editing report with data
  • Localization and internationalization to any language