Dashboard Templates

Below are dashboards templates designed using InetSoft's drag and drop dashboard solution, some of which can be tested with the free downloadable evaluation copy of Style Intelligence, while others can be seen in the free visualization tool, Visualize Free.

An Executive Dashboard Template


executive dashboard template

This dashboard template breaks down enrollment by various demographic and psychographic factors, such as race, gender, major type, transfers, and year.

Text labels on the top bar charts add another level of detail to the dashboard real estate.

A Performance Dashboard Template

performance dashboard template

This performance dashboard template tracks consultant and thought leadership activities. Key metrics include win rate, abandonment rate, and week to week utilization.

An Enterprise Dashboard Template

enterprise dashboard template

This orders dashboard template breaks down orders by state, date, and sales team member. A calendar display enables drilldown by individual week or month.

A Marketing Dashboard Template

marketing dashboard template

This marketing dashboard template displays important aspects of the sales funnel, by displaying leads by source, state and date. The dashboard template gives an overall picture of new leads, their sources, and their conversion rates.

A Sales Dashboard Template

sales dashboard template

This sales dashboard template displays opportunities at various stages of the sales pipeline, and probability calculations for closing different accounts. Dropdown menus allow the bubble charts to be colored and sized according to various measures of choice.

A Mobile Dashboard Template

mobile dashboard

This mobile dashboard template gives a breakdown of sales by state, with a filter for product category for targeted queries. Visualizing the total sales amount by state color adds an intuitive element to the numerical displays.

A Quality Control Template

Quality Control dashboard template

This Manufacturing Quality Control template enables quality control managers to monitor and analyze everything, from defects rate and pipeline duration to shift performance and technician performance, all in one dynamic view. With built-in filtering components, manufacturing professionals can easily slice and dice data with simple point-and-click methods to get various insights.

Online Video Streaming

Online Video Streaming dashboard

This online streaming analytics dashboard template offers the managers at streaming companies not only an overall understanding of their user base, but also detailed analytics and comparisons of diverse channels, helping managers to triangulate target audience positioning and video content improvement, improving business value and ROI for companies that offer video streaming applications.

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