Client Portals for the Financial Sector

Let Us Build It for You

Client BI portals create secure spaces for customers to send documents, store files, access data, accept payments, and much more. At InetSoft, we'll build your Web portal to your exact specifications for you.

We'll handle all the service and integration work necessary to put a complete Web portal in front of you. Live chat with financial advisors, manage your documents or your clients' tasks, perform calculations, view your assets, estimate your net worth, access on demand reports or financial indexes, keep track of what is going on in the world and in your business; the amount of uses client portals hold for financial means are limitless.

Files are automatically synced from various data sources, via our data mashup software, and updated instantly, all without needing to open any other programs.

True Customer Self-Service

The InetSoft client portal runs completely online, with no hardware or software infrastructure, offering your customers the highest level of self-service.

They have access to the same tools as your customer service representatives, meaning that they can help themselves to the same resources that are available to your phone techs, search an extensive online library of solutions, or browse a comprehensive knowledge base to find the answers they are looking for. This translates to happier customers and less time spent on support for your staff.

Self-service is prevalent in the financial sector; don't let your customers be left behind.

Prefer to DIY? Be Our Guest.

With InetSoft's Style Intelligence, create customized client portals for your specific needs. Craft your own Web portal with access to up-to-the-minute information.