Reasons Assisted Living Companies Use Dashboards

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Are you a manager of an assisted living community in charge of operations? Find out how senior care operations managers track the most up-to-date company information on one screen. Assisted living companies and physical therapy businesses rely on dashboards to gain crucial insights into the performance of their businesses. They compete in a large industry, and so it's important for both kinds of companies to have performance dashboards to add more value to everyday tasks.

History of Dashboards

Dashboard are common features in almost all apps, including Google Analytics. It is an essential tool for business and website owners who want to track the performance of their sites and users. Google first made it available for administrators to use in their website analytics tool on the 13th of July, 2007.

The history of this can be traced back to when it was known as Urchin Web Analytics, which was a freeware program that became available for download on 10th of February, 2000. It was developed by Josh Williams and Matt Cutts.

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How Does a Dashboard Work?

An interactive dashboard displays a wealth of information and clearly presents relevant, up-to-date details, including items such as inventory levels and each customer's most recent order for ecommerce retailers.

If you can imagine an entire facility using one large dashboard then you can see how beneficial these types of displays would be. They give everyone a view into what is happening throughout the facility and show where efforts should be made for each area to improve performance.

These reviews provide a way for employees to see just how closely the different departments within their company work together. It's no longer just about individual departments doing their best on their own; now there's a realization that their actions have an impact on other departments as well as the whole company and its clients. In the same way work of a professional essay writer widens the doors of thoughts for a proofreader, QA department, or readers.

The same way a content creator adds value with a topic, an assisted living community manager adds value to the team and an essay writer follows the pattern for a better outcome.

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Key Reasons to Utilize Dashboards

Senior living assistance facility providers use dashboards to help them organize, plan, track and meet their strategic operational goals. Recently the use of monitoring and management software has widened the options accommodated.

Multiple Uses and Budget-Friendly

The dashboard is so budget-friendly as it will make you save money by making your business effective.

  • The people working in that organization will be more focused and will turn out to be more productive.
  • By measuring and analyzing your spending, you can find out where you are spending too much money on things that do not bring any benefits to your company.
  • Making a detailed analysis of their expenses and capital expenditures as well as forecasted revenue helps them in making informed decisions. Dashboards give the ability to monitor performance on a daily basis, which is essential for managers.
  • They can also track the progress of their plans against actual results, thus enabling them to make adjustments where necessary. For example, senior care providers can see how much they saved by reducing staff turnover or by implementing preventive maintenance measures.
  • By implementing practices, they are able to forecast future trends and make contingency plans in advance. It will help you effectively control your daily operations while keeping your eyes on the future.
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SaaS Dashboard Solutions

Assistance service centers can use software-as-a-service (SaaS) dashboards to improve care and support services.

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is used by assistance providers to improve care and support services.
  • They're designed to display real-time data about the patient assessments, resource utilization, and care plans for a population of patients served by an assisted living company's facility.
  • Firstly, the assistive software can store all the information about residents' routines, health conditions, and needs of special attention.
  • The second reason for assisted living companies to use it is that you can improve performance. The software can track all the activities of staff members and set goals to ensure they are meeting the requirements of quality care.
  • The third reason for the companies to use it is that it can enhance collaboration between staff members.
  • Software like this can let staff members know how much time they spend on each resident daily and how many tasks they complete successfully all the time.
  • Fourthly, it can establish an efficient communication network. Because software like this has a network function, all staff can get access to important messages quickly and share information easily.
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Gather Valuable Information from Databases and Centralize Data

Assisted living companies need to gather important information from their database and other external applications. They require the information in order to make crucial decisions. Dashboards provide a central location for the display and distribution of vital data pertaining to the progress and financial health of the company.

Refine Work Practices and Strategies

  • Dashboards can be used to improve the work practices and strategies of an assisted living company.
  • The dashboards provide a way for the company to better manage its employees, giving them more insight into how they are doing their tasks and making sure that they remain on schedule with their goals for each project.

Provide Information Access to Senior Citizens and Their Families

  • The use of it also allows families of senior citizens residing in residential care homes to track certain statistics pertinent to their loved ones such as dietary requirements, medication schedules, exercise regimens, doctor visits, etc.
  • This allows them to keep a closer tab on their senior family members, ensuring that they have healthy lifestyles and meet all the requirements of excellent quality of life.
  • Seniors are not used to using technology; therefore, it is important for them to be able to see their statistics on a dashboard.
  • It can show seniors their statistics including their calls, leads, amount of time that was spent on each customer, number of consumers sold, and even give them alerts when emails have been sent out.
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Information Regarding Sales and Leads

  • Sales can be tracked by having each employee input the information from each call onto a dashboard before or after they have finished their day.
  • Having a process in place that employees follow will make sure that all the information is inputted correctly into the system.
  • The company will then be able to view its sales on a daily basis instead of waiting until the end of the month or end of the quarter.
  • It can help you convert more leads into customers.
  • The graph displayed on dashboards can be used as the best lead generation tool, which will help you convert more leads into customers and thus, increase your sales.

Advanced Dashboard Options

  • These companies can choose to use different kinds of dashboards in order to keep track of the health and wellbeing of their customers.
  • A variety of resident's care centers offer these kinds of dashboards, which are also known as telematics devices or M2M (machine-to-machine) monitoring services.
  • These devices provide users with information about their health and wellbeing so that they can have a better quality of life.
  • These service providers choose the types of data they want to include on their dashboards so that they can tailor their offerings to their customers' needs.
  • For example, many assisted living companies include information about the customer's blood pressure, glucose level, sleep patterns, medication adherence, and activity levels; some also include information about television viewing habits and driving trips.
  • They can be used for different purposes within assisted living facilities. For example, residents can use them to take more responsibility for their own wellness and also to promote healthy competition between themselves and other residents.
  • Also, assisted living staff members can use them to better understand the needs of specific residents and help them improve their health and wellbeing.
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Better Control Over Retirement Community Operations

  • Assisted living firms and retirement villages provide seniors with amenities such as three meals a day, housekeeping, linen service, transportation, social events, and security.
  • Some even offer concierge services, which can include assistance with medication reminders, appointment scheduling, and delivery of goods from retail outlets.
  • The rise of assisted living has also given rise to an increased need for on-premise management software.
  • Such software offers assisted living facilities and retirement villages a way to manage business operations more effectively.
  • These businesses are using this to improve operational efficiency. Here's how they do it; It gives senior care facilities and retirement communities real-time insights into their business operations.
  • The information is displayed in easy-to-read charts that allow users to track items like occupancy rates, revenue per unit per month, and net profit margins over specific time periods. Because they show data in real-time, they are also used to monitor trends as they develop rather than after the fact.

Flexible Work Mobility

  • It helps in flexible work mobility, as it allows a worker to carry out his/her responsibilities from anywhere and at any time without any difficulty.
  • This gives flexibility and convenience to the workers, who have to carry out their job from different places from time to time.
  • It also helps in tracking the progress of each task undertaken by the worker, so that it helps in monitoring each individual task and its progress and keeping a note of all the activities carried out by him/her on a daily basis.
  • It makes flexible working hours possible as sometimes there is no need for assistance or care at night or when there is no need for attending calls or visiting patients at their homes.
  • So, these dashboards allow workers to take leave at such time without any problem as they can check up on things from any of their personal devices from anywhere and at any time as per their convenience and requirement.
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Alerts Assisted Living Providers to Problems

  • It is a good idea to keep an eye on the health of your loved ones, especially elderly or disabled family members, who are the most vulnerable.
  • It is a good idea that you can easily make happen by installing a smart and fully featured assisted living dashboard.
  • Here are some of the benefits you get from doing so; A person's health could decline at any point in time. So, there is no way for anyone to know when such a decline will happen.
  • But there are some things that could be identified as "risk factors" for a decline in health. For example, if your loved one has been taking the same medicine for more than two weeks and hasn't gotten any better, it is time to alert the doctor, who may want to change the medication or even change doctors.
  • If your loved one has stopped eating enough and losing weight, it is important to alert their caretaker, who may need to add more food to their diet or put them on a diet pill.
  • Or even put them in hospital if they have developed other health problems in addition to not eating enough.
  • Assisted living firms use dashboards because they want to be able to take early action when needed.
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Allow Residents to Share Their Feedback

  • Residents are able to provide feedback as to how well they are doing.
  • This helps the staff adjust their care based on what the resident needs.
  • It also allows for a method of monitoring how well the plan for each resident is being followed.
  • There are many different types of dashboards, but they all accomplish the same goal: streamline data collection and make it more accessible to everyone involved.
  • An important reason to use it is to allow for early intervention and prevention.
  • This makes it easier for residents to understand when there is a problem with their health so that if an issue arises someone can step in and correct it before it becomes a larger problem or even a life-or-death situation.
  • Companies use dashboards to help them determine which changes need to be made within their facilities.
  • They can look at the data collected by the dashboard and see if there are any problems or areas of improvement that need to be addressed.
  • This helps make sure that the company stays up-to-date with current trends and expectations so that they can keep their customers satisfied with their services.
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Additional Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Dashboard Solution

  • Companies must be current with market trends and technology. So, dashboards make it easy to create a visual presentation of financials, risk levels and even read reviews.
  • Measuring performance, efficiency, and quality of care are essential components for assisted living services to meet their set targets and desired goals.
  • Increased transparency of facilities and operations helps clients understand their choices and makes it easy to compare and select the best-assisted living services.
  • Accommodating living facility dashboards turn disparate data into actionable information by helping the management team stay abreast of all the key metrics that impact their business.
  • Provides data for the resident census and helps to find out what's going right in the facility.
  • As it is discussed above, how helpful it is for staff. Same as it makes availability more visible to on-call staff and can manage staff schedules.
  • It has a role in emergency response and better alerts.
  • Provides useful information daily/monthly.
  • Firms can find solutions faster and learn to manage their business better.
  • Alert the manager to any issues or developments.
  • Facilitate and provide up-to-date information.
  • Improve the management and actual monitoring skills.
  • Extend to new areas as time passes and technology develops.
  • They help get quantitative insight for better decisions.
  • Is able to react quickly to changes in market conditions.
  • Have the freedom to tailor dashboards for the end-user experience.
  • Controls response time and cost of different services and products it provides, such as maintenance and repairs.
  • They offer analytics to measure and compare the performance of the previous year, the average of each month, and annual income through dashboards that are presented to front-line employees.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there more and more assisted living companies, in spite of the fact that they are expensive?

The answer is, they are the only solution to a problem we don't want to face: as people age, they need more help. As they get frailer, it is harder to hire someone to look after them. And as social security becomes less generous, family members will have to take on more of the burden.

A generation ago, you would have been taken care of by your children. Now the responsibility is increasingly being passed on to strangers. A whole industry has grown up around this problem. It turns out that if you take away the ability of people to choose for themselves what kind of care they want, you end up with a lot of expensive nursing homes. Assisted living companies have become necessities for many retirees.

But why do so many seniors hate them?

The main reason seems to be that a lot of them don't actually need much "assistance." A lot of what these companies do is keep people from falling over in public and embarrassing their families. Or at least that's how it feels from the point of view of some seniors who are accustomed to being self-sufficient and don't want help with things they feel perfectly capable of doing themselves.


As we have probably all experienced some type of dashboard technology, they are a "user-friendly" way to monitor your business and/or project. However, if you are just starting to consider them, you still may all of the reasons they are used by assisted living firms.

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