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Do you have difficulty accessing all the data you need to in order to analyze what you want? InetSoft is your solution. With InetSoft’s data analyzing and visualization software, you can expect fresh new insights that will increase both the internal and external performance of your organization.

Data analysis is the process of evaluating data and drawing conclusions. When used properly it can help an organization discover things that they would not have otherwise known. Data analysis is implemented in many different fields, such as construction, healthcare, and education as well as many others.

For example, in the construction industry, modern construction projects involve various cost reports to make sure money and labor hours are all accounted for correctly. This is where InetSoft’s data analyzing software comes in.

Using InetSoft’s data visualization software takes data analysis to the next level, giving the user a visual representation of the data in charts, graphs, and other various special features that can help decipher certain patterns and trends from the data as a whole.

InetSoft's data analyzing software is superior to any competitors due to its easy to use interface which allows any kind of user, whether beginner or expert to manipulate any kind of data. InetSoft's program requires very little training and meets most ad hoc reporting needs. Complicated data transformations and queries are also possible from an array of different data sources. Expensive BI experts or consultants are not needed, which eliminates additional costs.

  • Business reports are complex. Report writers are often large applications that have a steep learning curve.
  • Business information is complex. Report writers often require that you understand the database query language and know how the data is stored. Style Intelligence solves both these problems. It addresses the first with an Ad Hoc tool that is lightweight, web-based, and easy to use. It addresses the second by automatically handling all the technical details of accessing data.
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chart output from visual analysis software

Interactive Dashboards

InetSoft’s interactive dashboards provide the user with a visual representation of analysis. By visually interpreting the data the user can then see possibilities they couldn’t before. The dashboard can be manipulated to show only certain data points, isolating one single variable and seeing how it affects the group as a whole.

For instance, the pencil tool can be used to change the dimensions and measurements of the chart as well as what data is actually being shown and how that data is shown visually. The user also has the option of changing the shape, size, color, and text to their own specifications.

The individual charts can also be increased in size from the dashboard itself to isolate the chart from the dashboard, making the chart clearer to the user. Lastly, the actual data from an individual chart can also be shown, allowing the user to take a closer look at segments of the data that show interesting results.

Brushing for Cross-Chart Highlighting

Another useful feature is the brush tool. This enables the user to highlight data in more than one dashboard chart. Highlighting the same pieces of data on different charts enables the user to see trends they could have never seen before. It lets the user see the data in various formats, making it clearer to the user how that data affects the overall data set.

Data can also be restricted by filters. Specific variables can be incorporated into charts using the pencil too. Data is separated into dimensions and measurements which can be plotted on either the X or Y axis. Multiple sets of data can be plotted on either axis, creating multiple stacked charts depending on the amount of sets selected. Various charts are available to choose from, all of them can be changed depending on color, size, shape, and text.

How the chart or graph is displayed visually can make it easier for the user to understand how a certain data point can affect the data group as a whole. For instance, in the construction industry a bar graph could be used to compare employee’s salaries to the actual revenue each type of employee brings in. So the two different data sets would be represented by different colors making it clearer to the user the differences between the two variables.

sample of a visual data analysis
chart output from visual analysis software

an example of a visual data analysis

Benefits of Data Mashup for Data Analysis

One of the most notable aspects of InetSoft’s data analyzing software is data mashup, a feature that allows the user to pull in data from multiple sources, including data warehouses. Data mashup allows users to combine previously disparate data from separate sources so that they can be analyzed together, leading to the discovery of new trends and correlations that were not able to be seen beforehand.

By having the ability to pull data from multiple separate sources a level of analysis and self-service can be performed that is unheard of in the industry. The software includes a combined interface that allows the user to manipulate data easily through interactive dashboards, visual analysis, and published reporting. Any type of user that has a basic knowledge of Excel will be able to implement InetSoft’s program.

Data Sources for Analyzing

  • Actian Vectorwise
  • Cloudera
  • EMC Greenplum
  • Google AdWords
  • Hortonworks Hadoop Hive
  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • JDBC
  • Oracle
  • Teradata
  • XML
  • And many more
chart output from data analysis software

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