The Benefits of Visual Analysis Software for Business

1. Explore data inexpensively

Traditional information access methods are frustratingly human resource intensive. A business person might have a question in mind, but previously he or she needed to make a data or report request to a database analyst to get an answer.

If the request was misunderstood or, after seeing the result, the asker realized a mistake in the question, the process had to be repeated. This cycle is costly in time and human resources.

In contrast, visual data analysis puts tools in the hands of the non-technical business user to explore large amounts of data with no other assistance.

2. Increase data exploration

The frustrations and time lags of traditional information access methods as described above creates another problem. It tends to limit business people’s inquisitiveness and thus the chance to discover meaningful trends, aberrations, opportunities, causes or effects that could otherwise be gleaned by casual exploration of an organization’s data. By offering self-service to visual analysis, the number of actionable findings goes up, and business results should follow.

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3. Speed up data analysis

By condensing dozens of static reports into a single powerful interactive multi-dimensional analytical view, users can sift through loads of data that otherwise might have taken dozens of clicks through dozens of static reports. Moreover, changing screens makes it harder to make comparisons with previous charts or remember what was seen previously. By eliminating both of these issues, the speed of coming up with actionable observations accelerates with visual analysis.

4. Reduce reporting overhead costs

Because visual data analysis is such a satisfying self-service information access tool, the need for expensive, specialized resources such as business analysts or database administrators declines. Most “simple” requests are now in the hands of the business person, and only occasional guidance or “complex” requests require support from such experts.

Summary of Benefits of Visual Analysis Software

For reasons that all members of an organization can value, visual analysis is a very attractive business tool. End-users, business people, especially, enjoy faster access to data. Management enjoys higher business performance because greater insight into data leads to better and faster decisions. IT enjoys less resource demands, information request backlogs decline, and resources can be reallocated.

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