Looking to Create Performance Measurement Dashboards?

From conversion and turnover rates, customer profitability or financial metrics including revenue per employee and forecast accuracy of budget, companies constantly have to measure their performance on a daily, monthly, quarterly and even yearly basis between departments through various data visualizations. However, it can become difficult for organizations to create performance measurement dashboards or key performance indicators, KPI's, without a proper business intelligence program that can meet all their needs.

The solution is InetSoft's Style Intelligence, an intuitive and robust business intelligence platform that enables anyone from the typical end-user to those with IT experience to create and visualize data into dashboards, worksheets and reports conveniently and efficiently. Style Intelligence provides businesses the capability to build performance measurement dashboards that visualize any metrics for efficient viewing and decision-making for the company's progression and profitability.

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Style Intelligence for Performance Metric Needs

Style Intelligence offers users to experience its drag and drop feature, where dashboards can be built from a wide range of sophisticated graphs and charts and with various data fields by simply dragging it onto a spreadsheet-like interface. The drag and drop feature is the optimal tool for those who need to create performance measurement dashboards efficiently and swiftly with a multitude of data fields, such as comparing the cost of goods sold and the average order lead time, without any necessary coding.

For those who are in need of performance measurement dashboards that observe a multitude of metrics within a single graph or chart, Style Intelligence's multidimensional charting enables charts and graphs to analyze data along a variety of measures, such as color, shape and size for an enhanced, detailed visualization. Multidimensional charting is perfect for marketing or financial metrics to be measured as any graph or chart can visually depict a multitude of factors from e-mail leads being color coded by it's status or comparing net change in cash with earnings before interest and tax and operating margins in one single graph or chart.

Style Intelligence's visualization options expand further with the ability to perform drilldown or brushing within any dashboard. Within a hospital performance measurement dashboard, users can use brushing to highlight certain parts of the data, such as doctor or nurse turnover rates, to see that portion of data highlighted within other charts to better explore trends and data relationships. With drilldown, however, anyone viewing the dashboard can access specific information associated with any reporting element, in the case of turnover rates users will be able to pull raw data that matches that query to see all the turnovers and dates.

About InetSoft

Since 1996 InetSoft has been delivering easy, agile, and robust business intelligence software that makes it possible for organizations and solution providers of all sizes to deploy or embed full-featured business intelligence solutions. Application highlights include visually-compelling and interactive dashboards that ensure greater end-user adoption plus pixel-perfect report generation, scheduling, and bursting.

InetSoft's mission is simple:
  • To provide high quality, open standards based, business intelligence software that does not lock clients into a single BI solution
  • To stay nimble and innovate in order to apply the latest technologies to a productive business intelligence implementation
  • To design software that is easy to use and easy to deploy

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