Looking for Simple to Use Dashboard Software?

Are you nervous that not having IT or programming experience will stop you from building your own dashboards? For those who lack know-how experience, the idea of self-service dashboard building can seem overwhelming. With InetSoft’s software, creating dashboards is a quick and simple process, so you can start analyzing business data right away. InetSoft’s simple dashboard software is designed with simplicity in mind for both the dashboard designer and the user of the interactive reports.

InetSoft’s dashboard software uses a visual approach to building reports and visualizations, allowing complex views to be built with a simple drag and drop user interface. Once IT has completed the initial steps of defining data sources, business users can create their own worksheets, which contain combined fields from multiple data sources. InetSoft’s unique data mashup feature makes it possible to combine any type of data into one visualization. Users create data mashups through InetSoft’s data block, enabling fields from different data sources to be joined together in a Lego-like block fashion, with a few clicks of a mouse.

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With InetSoft's Simple Dashboard Software, users can:

  • Combine all types of data from any sources
  • Provide graphics of key data
  • Easily create, access, customize, and share dashboards
  • Track KPIs, discover trends, and make observations and conclusions
  • Gain access to data in seconds
  • Share data anywhere
  • Access visualizations through desktop, tablet, or mobile device

Benefits of Building Dashboards

Visualizations are constructed simply, and can include existing data source connections or even embedded csv or excel data uploaded on the fly. This kind of flexibility helps you easily track and see where your company stands. You have the flexibility of choosing what data to include, along with various options for customization. Users can more easily analyze, visualize, and drill down into details, for all types of analysis. Dashboards help show trends, changes in your company, and strengths and weaknesses, providing a clearer understanding of your company. They have 100% access to real-time data, ensuring that your company's information is accurate and up-to-date. InetSoft-created dashboards will provide clear snapshots of your company’s performance, for effective business monitoring and better decision making.

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