InetSoft Product Information: Auditing Report Asset Dependencies

InetSoft's reporting software provides multiple tools to gauge and improve performance. Users can audit report asset dependencies and allocate resources accordingly. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

You can produce an audit report for asset dependencies. Asset dependency information describes, for each asset, the other assets which it itself requires, and the assets which require it. The audited assets include every reporting unit, not only worksheets and Viewsheets.

The schedule on which the dependency report is generated can be configured from the 'Repository' > 'Asset Dependency' node under the Server tab, which opens the 'Asset Dependency Configuration' page. A database must first be specified in the 'Configuration' > 'Database' age under the Server tab.

To configure a regular asset dependency audit, follow these steps:

1. Enter a time in the 'Check asset dependencies at' field.

2. Press the 'Create Schema' button, and press 'Apply.' A schema needs to created in cases where the database has been changed from the default database (under 'Configuration' > 'Database' in the Server tab).

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3. To delete the schema, click the 'Delete Schema' button, and press 'Apply.'

The asset dependency audit can also be run on demand from the 'Scheduled Tasks' node under the Server tab. Select the __check assets dependency__ task from the task list, and press the 'Run Now' button.

The results of the asset dependency audit can be viewed under the 'Repository' node of the Audit tab. Select either the 'Dependent Assets' or 'Required assets' node to obtain the desired view into the audit database.

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