InetSoft Product Documentation: Client-side Report Event Handling

Client-side event handling is implemented through the EventHandler class. An EventHandler object is an event to command mapping. It contains pairs of events and command objects. The event object in each pair serves as an event specification.

When the EventHandler is asked to handle an event, the event is matched against the event specification. If a positive match is found, the corresponding command is returned as the result of the event processing.

EventHandler uses a fuzzy match algorithm. Event specifications contain partial descriptions of events. The specification is compared to a concrete event object by ignoring the parts that are not specified.

In general, to omit a value in an event specification, use null as the object (String, EventPoint, etc.) value and –1 for integers.

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EventHandler Methods

EventHandler Method



Add a menu event to command mapping. The menu event can be specified for either the entire page, or a specific element/item.


Add a hyperlink from a form to a replet. When a form with the specified name is submitted, the form data is packaged into a request and used to create a new replet object of the specified replet.


Add a selection event to command mapping. When an element is selected, its ID is compared with the ID specified in the event description. If an item (cell location) is specified in the event description, it is also matched against the selection event's item. A value of null or -1 in the event description causes the value to be ignored during comparison.


Add a command to be executed when the cursor enters an element area.


Add a command to be executed when a mouse click occurs. The event descriptor could specify an element/item from which the event must originate for the command to be triggered.



Similar to the addMouseClickCommand(), but the triggering event must be a popup trigger mouse click (normally the right button click).

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