InetSoft's Custom Reporting Solutions

The importance of implementing custom reporting solutions within a business has grown considerably over time, as businesses need a powerful tool to not only manage and manipulate data, but also to be able to present that information effectively.

With reporting solutions being equally important across all facets of businesses, a complete custom reporting solution needs to provide access to a wide range of data sources, must have the right mix of features and functionality, and must be easy to use.

InetSoft offers both business users and professional users the ability to create customizable reports that can fit easily into the business processes of any size organization and fulfill the need of multiple layers of management.

InetSoft's 100% web-based reporting tool allows users to experience seamless data querying aspects that look and feel like a normal part of the business application without having to rely so heavily on IT.

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Custom Interactive Reporting Features

As business queries become more complex, traditional static reports do not provide the insight to information that is needed to make decisions and predict future trends. However, InetSoft's user-friendly interface and visualization-driven reporting solution is designed to produce interactive information access that allows for further exploration and understanding of data than what could be achieved with a traditional static report. With InetSoft's reporting application, the user controls the simple to use interface and can generate sophisticated reports in minutes, not hours.

InetSoft's custom reporting solutions allow non-technical users to take interactivity past traditional hyperlinks to include features such as forms, menus, drilldowns and more. This level of web-based customization allows users to reshape reports in real time and format each report to look how they want using InetSoft's exceptional library of report styles.

Using InetSoft's report bursting tool, reports can be shared throughout the organization in real time and each report can be altered to show the information relevant to specific positions within the organization. Customized reports keep everyone on the same page and minimize performance bottlenecks.

Custom Report Scheduling and Archiving Solutions

One of the most important steps in the report process is the delivery, and InetSoft's customizable report scheduling, bursting, and archiving features allow for flexible batch report generation. Users can personalize information delivery, relieve system resource conflict, and ensure viewing response time.

Using the scheduling tool, the reporting system administrator can manage a centralized list of time-based tasks through the Enterprise Manager web interface. The scheduler controls all time-based task definitions, which can be created by users and administrators. These definitions include conditions and actions. Conditions indicate when actions should be performed, such as weekly or quarterly. Actions are e-mail notification, e-mail delivery, save to disk, save to archive, and print.

However, users can also create custom conditions and actions. For example, a user can create a condition so that a report gets sent out as an email every time sales drop below a certain number. InetSoft's custom reporting solutions relieve the difficulty of tracking a large list of reports that need to be sent out on a schedule.

Furthermore, InetSoft's archiving tool allows users to have access to both live reports and past saved reports. Every report in the repository is run with live data. However, the archive is also integrated with the live report repository. This means that users can easily compare current reports to those from last week or last year. Comparing reports becomes beneficial to businesses in order to check progress, answer queries, and even in looking forward into future trends.

InetSoft's custom reporting solutions offer multiple features that make it easier to accomplish traditionally complex tasks to meet the needs of any organization. Interested in finding out more? Request a personalized demo today!

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