A Custom Report Tool from InetSoft

InetSoft offers innovative and customizable report tools. They are included in InetSoft's flagship platform Style Intelligence, a complete operational business intelligence software, or as a stand-alone reporting tool known as Style Report Enterprise.

InetSoft's reporting software is a sophisticated, 100% web-based Java reporting tool suitable for organizations seeking production reports, interactive reports, ad hoc reports, and more. It has been recognized by the Java Developers Journal Readers' Choice Award for Best Java Reporting Tool.

InetSoft makes reports customizable by allowing each user to drag-and-drop the data that is most important to them and their position in the organization.

Plus, the software is easy to use! It has a simple point and click environment, the ability to grab data from any location in any format, and is interactive so that sophisticated reports are quickly generated.

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Customize with Style Report

  • Custom data access adapter
  • Data mashup across multi-source data objects
  • Rich presentation and report layout library
  • Aggregate, grouping, filtering
  • Java API for data and report manipulation
  • Reshape reports in real time

Innovate and Interact

  • Drilldown from any report element to another report or URL
  • Real-time viewing or queued reports
  • Export to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, RTF-Word, CSV, PostScript, Text, and SVG
  • Alerts for exceptions or business-rule triggers
  • In-report sorting, filtering, hide/unhide

Reporting Tailored to Users

InetSoft's reporting software provides reports that are tailored to a specific user, which can be highly effective and useful for action. Custom reports aid in strategizing business plans by providing what-if analyses, up to the minute information, and displaying the data that is most crucial to the user at that moment. The user controls the simple to use interface and can generate sophisticated reports in minutes, not hours.

Users may also reshape reports in real time and format each report to look how they want using InetSoft’s exceptional library of reports. These reports are also shared throughout the organization in real time and each report can be altered to show the data suitable for each position in the organization. Customized reports keep everyone on the same page and minimize performance bottlenecks.

Most importantly, custom reporting tools allow users to gauge the health of their business, and in turn, make the best possible business decisions.

A Reporting Software Review

"We selected InetSoft's Style Report Professional for a time-tested, dependable publishing engine and a powerful, yet easy-to-use report designer that would save resources associated with internal development of publishing capabilities and client customization requests. We were looking for a Java-based publishing solution that could be easily integrated with our own.

We have been pleased with deployment, and the reporting software’s part in our ability to help companies of all sizes realize cost reduction and revenue acceleration associated with critical configuration and accurate quoting solutions."
- Craig Christiansen, President-Technology at FPX

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How Does a Law Enforcement Analyst Use a Custom Report Tool?

  1. Temporal Analysis:
    • Use the tool to conduct temporal analysis, examining how certain events or activities change over time.
    • Generate timelines or heat maps to visualize temporal patterns and correlations.
  2. Geospatial Analysis:
    • Leverage geospatial capabilities to map crime locations, identify hotspots, and analyze spatial relationships.
    • Overlay additional contextual data, such as demographic information or known criminal associates, to enhance understanding.
  3. Pattern Recognition:
    • Apply analytical models and algorithms within the custom report tool to identify patterns, anomalies, or trends that may not be immediately apparent.
    • Explore relationships between variables and entities to uncover hidden connections.
  4. Case Linkage:
    • Use the custom report tool to link related cases or incidents, helping to establish connections between different criminal activities.
    • Identify commonalities in modus operandi, suspects, or locations.
  5. Predictive Analysis:
    • If the custom report tool supports it, apply predictive analysis to forecast potential future criminal activities or trends.
    • Use historical data to train models that can assist in proactive law enforcement strategies.
why select InetSoft
“We evaluated many reporting vendors and were most impressed at the speed with which the proof of concept could be developed. We found InetSoft to be the best option to meet our business requirements and integrate with our own technology.”
- John White, Senior Director, Information Technology at Livingston International

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