Product Info: Configuring the Report Repository

InetSoft's reporting software gives administrators the ability to configure the report repository in order to meet specific organizational needs. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

The definitions of all Viewsheets are stored in the registry file named asset.dat. To add a Viewsheet to the Repository, use the Visual Composer to save the Viewsheet into a global scope. See Viewsheet for more details.

To modify setting for a particular Viewsheet, click the desired Viewsheet in the Repository tree. This opens the 'Viewsheet Definition' page, which consists of three tabs on the bottom of the page.

These are Viewsheet, Materialized View, and Security. The next sections provide additional details about the available settings.

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Click the Viewsheet tab at the bottom of the screen to access the Viewsheet definition page. The following options are available.




The name under which the Viewsheet should be listed in the Repository. Certain characters (e.g., “/”) are not permitted in names.


The Viewsheet name displayed to the user in the Portal.


A brief description to be displayed as a tooltip when the user hovers the mouse over the Viewsheet in the Portal or Visual Composer Repository trees.

Click the Materialized View tab at the bottom of the screen to access options related to materialization for the Viewsheet.

Click the Security tab at the bottom of the screen to manage Viewsheet permissions. By default, a Viewsheet is set to inherit security permissions from its parent, which is the folder it resides in. This default behavior can be modified and a Viewsheet may have its own security information setup, independent of its parent. Once set up, the security permissions for the Viewsheet override those of the Viewsheet's parent. Setting up security for a Viewsheet is very similar to setting up security for any other component.

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