Report Parameters and Security

InetSoft's reporting software offers powerful utilities that allow users to modify report parameters and security in order to meet evolving needs. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

Click the Parameter tab at the bottom of the screen to manage report initialization and creation parameters.

The initialization parameters are the parameters used when the report is initialized, whereas the creation parameters are the parameters used by the 'createReport' method, which is executed before the engine begins generating the report. Report creation parameters can also be set from the Scheduler tab.

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Users can also sort columns with the Report Explorer. tool. (See Interactive Reports in End User for more informa­tion.)

One popular initialization parameter is the Boolean 'sortOnHeader'. Set this to 'true' to enable users to click on a table column header and sort the rows by that column. (Note: 'sortOnHeader' cannot be enabled for Freehand tables, or when data has not been bound to the table using Report Designer.)

Click the Security tab at the bottom of the screen to manage report permissions.

By default, a report is set to inherit security permissions from its parent, which is the folder it resides in. This default behavior can be modified and a report may have its own security information setup, independent of its parent. Once set up, the security permissions for the report override those of the report's parent. Setting up security for a report is very similar to setting up security for any other component.

Please note that if a template which uses JavaScript is registered as a report, the package names may also need to be registered in order to be accessible from the scripting environment. Any inetsoft.* packages are automatically registered. Other packages can be specified, separated by commas, in the property.

Note that reports can also be “live deployed” from within the Report Designer if permission is provided.
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