InetSoft Reporting Software - Report Options

InetSoft's reporting software empowers users with the ability to fully customize report options thanks to a sophisticated array of tools. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

Click the Options tab at the bottom of the screen to access the following options:


Affects thread priority at replet generation time. A long-running report can be placed in a lower priority so that it would not block other reports.

Layout Method

Determines how tables are converted to DHTML. The HTML Layout method can be 'Default', 'Auto', 'CSS-P' or 'Table'. 'Default' will use the global layout method; otherwise, the layout method is explicitly set for the Replet being registered on this page. 'Auto' will cause the layout method to be selected automatically. 'CSS-P' refers to implementing tables as a Cascading Style Sheet, as opposed to the 'Table' layout method which uses the normal HTML tables.


Specifies whether the replet is visible to users.

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Specifies that the replet will be available to dashboards. For single-page portlet reports, set the 'View As Single Page' option in Report Designer to prevent the report toolbar from displaying.


Determines the report's bursting behavior.


Determines whether the report will be pregenerated. If selected, the pregeneration cycle needs to be selected, specifying when the pregeneration should be done.

Pregeneration cycle

Specifies a pregeneration cycle for reports. Pregeneration cycles can be created/edited under the Schedule tab.

Export Formats

Specifies the formats that will be available to the end-user in the Portal for exporting the report. This report-specific setting overrides the setting on the 'Export Menu Options' page of the DHTML node.

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