KPI Reporting Tools

Looking for an intuitive flexible reporting tool for tracking your KPI's? InetSoft offers both free and enterprise versions of its award winning KPI reporting tool, Style Report.

See what's going on in your organization - with live connections to whatever your sources are. Modify KPI reports yourself for your own tailored view, or even build new ones yourself - no technical training is necessary. Since informational needs are always changing, Style Report allows the easy integration of both new data sources and new metrics to track, allowing you to keep ahead of the curve.

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Interactive KPI Reporting Tools

Once a business has selected their most critical KPI's to track, InetSoft's reporting software allows users to display this information in multiple visualizations such as charts, tables, and crosstabs which are fully customizable and easy to manipulate, even for non-technical users.

With InetSoft's KPI reports, bare data turns into actionable information that provides insight as to where the business stands and where improvement is needed. For example, if it seems that there is a disparity from where the company should be in an area, InetSoft's reporting software allows for interactive drill-down on data so that users can pinpoint exactly where the issues are coming from so that they can be fixed.

A good KPI reporting tool could be the difference between success and failure in business as these reports allow users to spot patterns, trends, and potential problems that a spreadsheet simply could not capture.

When selecting a tool to create KPI dreports, consider InetSoft's award-winning technology to meet all of your company needs. Interested in finding out more? Request a personalized demo today!

Commonly Reported KPIs

  • Year-to-date sales versus last year's for the same period
  • Size of the current sales pipeline versus the same period last year
  • Sales opportunity close ratio, this year compared to last year
  • Monthly closed-won sales
  • Dollar-sizes of all opportunities in the sales pipeline by sales stage
  • Number of new leads created by month
  • Top sales opportunities in the pipeline - you can drill through the account names to get to the specifics of the opportunity.
  • Exception reporting - you can see a count and drill through to the list of leads that have not been touched in the last x days that you specify as inactive, as well as the number of opportunities deemed inactive.
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