InetSoft Product How-To: Creating Prototype Reports

Users of InetSoft's reporting software can create prototype reports that can serve as a preliminary test before long-term changes are induced. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

A prototype is a skeleton report that can be used as the basis for creating new reports using an Ad Hoc Wizard or using the Ad Hoc editing tools. Once a report is registered as a prototype, it will be available when a user creates a new report using the 'Report' button under the Design tab in the Portal.

You should design a prototype template in such a way that it is suitable for modification by an end user. Typically, this means you design the report's basic layout, and include a single component (crosstab, table, chart, or section) which the user can later modify using the Ad Hoc Wizard. You should assign a meaningful ID to this editable component so that the user can easily select it from the Wizard.

Prototype reports are not visible on the Repository tree under the Report tab in the Portal. Prototype reports are only visible when the user clicks the 'Report' button under the Design tab. If a Wizard has already been defined for a prototype report, then the Wizard is listed, rather than the underlying prototype. Prototypes cannot be overwritten from the Ad Hoc tool.

To create a new prototype report, follow these steps:

1. Select the Report tab in Enterprise Manager.

2. Select the 'Prototype' node on the Repository tree.

3. Click on the 'New Prototype' link below the Repository tree.

This opens the 'Prototype Definition' page.

4. On the 'Prototype Definition' page, register the report by providing a name and template path.

Note: If a Wizard is defined on the proto­type, the screenshot for the Wizard is used in place of the proto­type screenshot.

5. (Optional) Specify the 'Screenshot' to be used for the prototype report. This image is displayed when the user clicks the 'Report' but­ton under the Design tab in the Portal.

6. Click 'Apply' to register the report.

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