Reporting Software - Pregenerated Reports

InetSoft's reporting software allows users to create pregenerated reports that can be scheduled in advance and serve to enhance the performance of a report. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

A pregenerated report is similar to a cached report, and helps improve performance and scalability. From the user's perspective, a pregenerated report behaves like any live report and supports all user interactions. To the reporting engine, a pregenerated report appears as an archived report whose data is generated on a pre-defined cycle and maintained in persistent storage. When the user accesses a pregenerated report, the report loads the pregenerated data instead of executing the query and page generation process.

To configure a report template as a pregenerated report, enable 'Pre-generated' on the Options tab of the report definition page, and specify the cycle that determines when the report is pregenerated.

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Creating Folders

To create a new folder, follow the steps below:

1. In the navigation tree, select a parent folder for the new folder. The parent folder can be the root 'Repository' node or any other folder. (You can change the parent folder later, if needed.)

2. Click the 'New Folder' link below the navigation tree. This opens the folder definition page, which has two tabs at bottom: Property and Security.

3. Under the Property tab, specify the new 'Folder Name', 'Parent Folder', and 'Description'.

4. (Optional) Set the folder 'Alias'. The alias is displayed to the user in the Portal in place of the folder's actual name. If no alias is specified, the folder's name is used.

5. Set the folder's permissions using the bottom Security tab.

The contents of the folder are displayed in the 'Reports/Sub-folders' table. Use the 'Select All', 'Deselect All', and 'Delete' buttons as needed to remove folder contents. To add a new report to the folder, edit the 'Folder' property for the individual report.

why select InetSoft
“We evaluated many reporting vendors and were most impressed at the speed with which the proof of concept could be developed. We found InetSoft to be the best option to meet our business requirements and integrate with our own technology.”
- John White, Senior Director, Information Technology at Livingston International

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