Product Info: Web Dashboard Integration, Apache Specifics

The InetSoft Dashboard uses the Apache Pluto implementation of the Java Portlet Specification, specified by JSR 168, and can run in any servlet container.

To use the InetSoft dashboard solution in a web application context root other than “sree”, the values (highlighted in bold) in the following files must be modified to reference the correct web application context root and ServletRepository servlet mapping:

Note: Please stop your web application server before making these changes.

You can add a default theme.css file in the “{sree home}/portal/css” folder to set default properties for all themes. The commented headings in the CSS file indicate the component to which the classes belong. e.g., “css for isii_JSTree” for all the CSS classes which modify the repository tree.

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• {InetSoftInstallation}\server\webapps\{contextRoot}\WEB-INF\portlet.xml 
• {InetSoftInstallation}\server\webapps\{contextRoot}\WEB-INF\config\services\ 
• {InetSoftInstallation}\server\webapps\{contextRoot}\WEB-INF\classes\ 
• {InetSoftInstallation}\server\webapps\{contextRoot}\WEB-INF\web.xml

(The url-pattern should match the dashboard.uri property)

The above code is extracted from the default /portal/css/theme.css file. It defines the classes for the labels in the repository tree. It is recommended that the application server be restarted in order to load the modified CSS files.

why select InetSoft
“Flexible product with great training and support. The product has been very useful for quickly creating dashboards and data views. Support and training has always been available to us and quick to respond.
- George R, Information Technology Specialist at Sonepar USA

What Are InetSoft's Options for Integration

  1. Data Source Integration
    • InetSoft supports a wide range of data sources, including databases (SQL, NoSQL), flat files, web services, and more. This allows users to seamlessly connect their BI reports and dashboards to their preferred data repositories.
  2. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Integration
    • InetSoft can integrate with ETL tools like Talend, Informatica, or Microsoft SSIS. This enables organizations to perform data extraction, transformation, and loading operations before presenting the information in their BI reports.
  3. API Integration
    • InetSoft offers APIs that allow for custom integrations with other software applications. This could include CRM systems, ERP platforms, or any other software that supports API connectivity.
  4. Embedding BI into Applications
    • InetSoft provides the capability to embed BI components like reports, dashboards, and analytics directly into third-party applications. This is particularly useful for software vendors looking to enhance their offerings with BI capabilities.
  5. Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration
    • InetSoft can integrate with various identity providers to enable Single Sign-On functionality. This ensures seamless authentication and authorization for users accessing the BI platform.
  6. LDAP/Active Directory Integration
    • InetSoft supports integration with LDAP and Active Directory services. This allows for centralized user management and authentication, ensuring that user credentials are consistent across the organization.
  7. Custom Scripting and Extensions
    • For more complex integrations, InetSoft provides the ability to use custom scripting and extensions. This can be particularly useful when organizations have unique requirements that may not be covered by standard integration options.
  8. Web Services Integration
    • InetSoft can integrate with external web services, allowing users to fetch real-time data from various sources and incorporate it into their BI reports and dashboards.
  9. Mobile Integration
    • InetSoft offers mobile optimization and integration, ensuring that BI reports and dashboards are accessible and functional on a variety of mobile devices.
  10. Cloud Integration
    • InetSoft can be deployed in cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, allowing organizations to seamlessly integrate their BI solution with their existing cloud infrastructure.

InetSoft's comprehensive integration options showcase their commitment to ensuring that their BI solution can seamlessly fit into a wide variety of organizational ecosystems. This flexibility is a strong asset, particularly for businesses with complex IT landscapes and diverse software stacks. It allows for a more cohesive and efficient utilization of BI across the organization.

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