InetSoft Product Information: Dashboard Report Tab

The dashboard report tab allows users to successfully operate the multitude of features in InetSoft's dashboard software with powerful performance monitoring tools. View the example below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

The Report tab allows you to manage the Repository by adding, editing or deleting folders, reports, prototypes, and Viewsheets. You can also set the Repository permission levels through the bottom Security tab. This section describes the nodes under the Report tab's navigation tree.

  • Add and manage reports and Viewsheets in the Repository.
  • Add and manage prototype reports in the Repository.
  • Contains folders and reports deleted from the archive.
  • Manage user reports in the repository.
  • The Users tab allows you to manage user, role, and group functions. Security must be enabled. This section describes the nodes under the Users tab's navigation tree.
  • Manage the users and groups in the system.
  • Manage the system roles.
dashboard demo
View a 2-minute demonstration of InetSoft's easy, agile, and robust BI software.

The Objects tab allows you to manage permissions to available InetSoft server components and resources.  Security must be enabled. This section describes the nodes under the Objects tab's navigation tree.

-Manage data model and query permissions.
-Manage asset permissions.
-Manage permissions for Ad Hoc reporting, report toolbar, My Reports folder, dashboards, physical tables, scheduled tasks, and Visual Composer access.

The Schedule tab allows you to monitor and manage Scheduler tasks. This section describes the nodes under the Schedule tab's navigation tree.

-Monitor and manage scheduled tasks.
-Manage Scheduler cycles.

The Data Space tab allows you to manage all files and folders in the data space (contents of registry directory, SREE Home). The navigation tree under the Data Space tab displays the folders and file in the data space.

-Select a folder to manage the folder properties.
-Select a file to manage the file properties.

The Scorecard tab allows you to automatically track data events and trigger particular actions. This section describes the nodes under the Scorecard tab's navigation tree.

-Define the condition when the Metric is evaluated.
-Define the action to be taken when the target is met.
-Specify the data set tracked by the Target.
-Specify a Metric, Action, Trigger, and Condition to create a Target.

If auditing is enabled, all object and data source access is logged into the audit database. The Audit tab allows you to view the audit records. The tree under the Audit tab contains links to a series of audit reports:

Dependent Assets

Inactive Resource

Inactive Users

Logon Errors

Logon History

Modification History

Query Execution

Report Execution

Required Assets

Response Time

User Session


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