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InetSoft's applications include dashboard software text packages that allow you to create highly polished and detailed reports on the fly. View the example below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

Text elements can be used to display static labels as well as summarized data for a single column in a Worksheet Data Block.

To add a Text element into a Viewsheet drag it from the Component tree into the Viewsheet grid. Use the mouse to move and resize the element. To bind a text element to a data column, drag the desired column from the Data Block (at the top of the Components tree) and drop it onto the element.

The Text component’s ‘Properties’ dialog box provides the following tabs: General, Data, and Pre-Aggregate. The next sections discuss the textspecific properties available under these tabs.

The General tab in the ‘Text Properties’ dialog box provides the following text-specific property.

Text Display a label, or specify a single calculated value.

The Data tab in the ‘Text Properties’ dialog box provides only the common data properties.

dashboard software text

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InetSoft Viewpoint

"You actually use more business intelligence capabilities. So in between the execution phase and the final evaluation, you’re constantly tracking and monitoring your performance so you can tune your execution. That’s where business intelligence with dashboards for analysis and monitoring come in. And in between the evaluation phase and incorporating your learnings or findings and adapting your strategy, you need to do some in-depth analytics.

That’s the more traditional forecasting or predictive analytics as well as things like data mining. So there is a piece that is more business intelligence as it relates to the management system, and then there is a piece that is more performance management, and you couple them together.

After some months of active use of the platform, go back to the users and find out where they get value out of the system, what they’ve been using it for, and start to use those thought leaders, the folks that have been the most aggressive users getting this value out of it. Use them, perhaps, as a way to add the additional performance management capabilities into the organization." - Mark Flaherty, CMO, InetSoft


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