Database Dashboard Examples

Dashboards offer companies various ways of representing their data. From sales projections, to employee statistics, and even inventory stock, database dashboards are able to easily represent all of the numerical data that your company can hold, into a visually appealing dashboard.

decision support system dashboard sample

Dashboards come in various different styles and presentations, and choosing the correct one can greatly affect your business. All dashboards will be able to present your data in some well formatted visual display, but database dashboards can integrate specific data from your company database that you need to present to employees or clients.

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Database dashboards are agile enough to allow for managers to implements any data metrics they need for their company, yet robust enough to handle all of the computing needs necessary. This combination has allowed database dashboards to be found in nearly every business that uses some sort of Business Intelligence Software.

How Database Dashboards Help a Business Grow

Database dashboards combine the use of metrics and key performance indicators to produce a visually appealing chart or design. These lead to easy understanding and analysis of performance, quality assurance, and even crisis for a single department, or overall for whole companies.

Database dashboards can organize data into cubes that contain measures and dimensions, and are sometimes based on relational databases within a company. This allows access for a more in depth look into exactly which components are working and which are not.

With InetSoft's easy drag and drop dashboard design, you are able to fully customize reports geared toward your specific business. You have full control over with metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) that you wish to choose, and are able to combine and conform them to your growing business.

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