InetSoft Technology: Reporting Software - DHTML Report Options

InetSoft's flexible reporting software gives users the power to customize their report display and interactivty with dhtml report options. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

The DHTML pages allow you to configure options for report display and report interaction.

These options allow you to tailor the appearance of the web-based report repository. Those options dealing with the report itself, such as the toolbar options, are applicable to both the Portal interface and the tree interface, whereas the other options only apply to the tree interface.

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DHTML Options



Parameter Dialog HTML Template

Specify an HTML template that will be used for a parameter dialog.

Parameter Dialog CSS File

Specify a CSS file used to generate the Parameter Dialog.

Custom Replet Error Page

Specify a custom page that will display for a replet error.

Tool Dialog CSS File

Specify a CSS file used to generate the DHTML tool dialogs.

Repository Servlet Title

Specify a Portal page title. Localization is only applied if the default title is used.

Repository Header

The repository will display the header you define.

Repository Footer

The repository will display the footer you define.

Page Footer

A report will display a footer you define.

Page Background

Set the background color.

Report Session Timeout

Set the timeout interval, if the user is inactive.

Toolbar Style

Choose button toolbar options or text toolbar options.

Show Grouping Headers in Explorer

If selected, group headers in sections and/or tables will be included in the Report Explorer.

Enable Add to Queue

Presents users with an 'Add to Queue' button on the report loading screen.

Toolbar Visibility

Can show or hide the toolbar on the Web Viewer.

Toolbar Location

The toolbar can be positioned if css-p layout method is used. The possible values are: Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Top and Bottom.

Toolbar Background

Set the toolbar's background color.

Toolbar Font Color

Set the toolbar's foreground color.

A parameter dialog HTML template contains both regular HTML and three special tags, $(report.parameters), $(report.title), and $(report.description), which correspond to the report parameter fields, title, and description. When prompting for parameters, the parameter dialog will be generated by loading this template and substituting the appropriate values for the tags.

A CSS file can be used to style the Parameter dialog. The CSS file can contain any possible ID or Class that is in the editable parameter window, for example, body{} or option{}.


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