Report Event Handling

The distributed event model is the foundation for user/replet interaction. All interactions are built on top of the event layer, including all built-in interactions and parameterization support. A major feature of this event model is its client platform independence. Report developers use the same event handling API on the server regardless of the choice of the client.

Because of the distributed nature of the event model, the event handling process relies exclusively on passing objects between the client and the event handler. When an event is triggered, it is handed over to the event handler. The event handler can return a command object. The command object is interpreted and executed by the client. The command objects serve as the means for the server to control the behavior of the client.

The event model uses a two-stage event-handling scheme. Events are first processed on the client. When no suitable event handler is found on the client, the events are then forwarded to the server. This setup allows maximum flexibility and achieves very high performance.

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Replet Events

A viewer can generate five types of events. Each event corresponds to a user action.

• SelectionEvent Generated when a mouse clicks inside an element. If the click occurs inside a table or a chart, the event also contains the location of the item in the element (cell for tables and data point for charts).

• SectionSelectionEvent Generated when an element inside a section is selected. It contains the same information contained in a regular SelectionEvent object, as well as the row number the element is associated with in the source table.

• MouseClickEvent Generated for each mouse click, regardless of whether it is inside an element or not.

• MouseEntryEvent Generated when the mouse pointer enters or exits an element.

• RepletMenuEvent Generated when a menu item is selected from a report popup menu.

• RequestEvent Generated when a request dialog (for prompting parameters) or an interactive form is submitted.

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All of these events are defined in the inetsoft.sree.event package except SelectionEvent and SectionSelectionEvent, which are defined in

The mouse events (MouseClickEvent and MouseEntryEvent) are client events only. This means that they can only be handled in the client-side event handler and are never forwarded to the server. This ensures that an excessive number of events is not sent across the network.

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