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This is the continuation of a transcript of a presentation by Stu Worman from Indiana University at an IT conference for unversity IT professionals.

Let me show you some more dashboards. These are our services, and this is what they are right now. They are all running perfectly. Let’s look at our downloads for our software packages. What we are looking at here. This is product page hits, basically people shopping. What are they looking at? This is actual downloads.

It is important for us to know how many pages people go through before the decide to download something. Here’s our top 20. But we can go here and say “ok, here are the packages that were downloaded.” You know this was shocking to me. I had this service running for 5 years before I realized that on most days we have over 2,000 downloads of some software package on that system.

Now we have lots and lots of software that we distribute, but if we were distributing it by CD through book stores, that would be a lot of work. It would cost us a lot. We can also see how this looked last year. You can see even the software downloads have dropped.

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Our enrollment is up. But I really think it is because we have better control over what is going on in our systems. So we have saved a lot of people from having to download something. They already have it.

What kind of dashboard information does the public see? This our main page. First of all, we have notices and alerts right here, and you can see all of our systems are operating normally right now. And let’s see if we could see a day where something interesting happened. Look at September 25th you can see we had regularly scheduled.

We have one system that sends out notifications to a list of recipients. It also posts it on this page. We have a little client application called IT Now that will notify you when something is up or down. We do a lot of communication as to what is going on in our systems.

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