What-If Analysis Dashboards

What-if analysis is the process of mathematically predicting how an organization will be affected given a predefined situation. This is typically done in spreadsheet programs, by modifying certain values in a dataset to see how those changes will influence outcome of the formulas in place.

Businesses use this technique to determine their next best move. They run hundreds, if not thousands, of what-if scenarios to consider many different variables.

  • "What if I sell only 97% of the product I wanted to sell this month? How will that affect my bottom line for the quarter?"
  • "What if our trucks get snowed in this winter? What will that do to our supply chain?"
  • "What if my sales people outperform their quotas? How do I have to modify my budget to pay their commission?"

Asking "what if" can help business owners see their organization from a new angle. It helps them to pinpoint potential risks and/or opportunities that may arise in the future if something unexpected were to occur. By knowing what is possible, these businesses can be more prepared and make better decisions, should the time come.

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The InetSoft Approach

InetSoft's what-if analysis feature assists analysts in quantifying uncertainty in causal relationships and optimizing resource allocation while guiding decisions. InetSoft's Style Intelligence is a comprehensive, real-time, analytical reporting and dashboard software solution used at thousands of enterprises worldwide.

What-if analysis, as mentioned above, is the exploration of cause and effect relationships in data. This is one of the greatest strengths of the data worksheet that Style Intelligence utilizes. The following features are among the greatest strengths of these data worksheets:

In addition to performing what-if experimentation with these tools, users are also afforded the opportunity to adjust table values graphically by using a Viewsheet input element such as a slider or a spinner.

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