InetSoft's Balanced Scorecard Software

Are you looking for a balanced scorecard solution for tracking key metrics and business performance?

InetSoft offers Dashboarding and Scorecarding Software that is robust enough to:

  • attract the attention of executives
  • satisfy the demands of power users
  • adapt to organizations of all sizes

and is easy enough to be:

  • deployed in a matter of weeks, not months
  • learned by end-users with minor training

and flexible enough to:

  • conform to changing data information and business needs
  • accommodate data exploration through visualization and maximum self-service

Style Intelligence from InetSoft, for your monitoring, measuring, and managing needs.

Note that Style Intelligence is a business intelligence platform that includes two applications, Style Scope, the dashboard and scorecard application, and Style Report, the reporting application

Read how InetSoft saves money and resources with deployment flexibility.