InetSoft's Dashboard Monitoring Software

Searching for visual dashboard monitoring software that's user driven and offers strong analytic and drill-down functions? InetSoft's dashboard software uses a visualization driven approach to enable rapid deployment of self-service business dashboards that are highly interactive. Since 1996 InetSoft has been offering business intelligence applications and dashboard tools that are flexible and powerful, serving over 5,000 enterprises and solution providers worldwide.

Style Intelligence is InetSoft's flagship business intelligence platform that provides a dashboard, analysis and reporting solution that is:

  • Deployed in just weeks
  • Learned by end users with minimal training
  • Used by any executive without the aid of IT
  • Adaptable to changing data configuration and business needs
  • Used for data exploration through visualization
  • Capable of maximum self service
  • Attract the attention of executives
  • Meet the demands of power users
  • Scale up for organizations of any size
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What KPIs Do Management Consultants Use to Keep Track of Their Clients?

Management consultants use various KPIs to keep track of their clients and ensure that they are meeting their objectives. Some of the KPIs that management consultants may use to track their clients include:

  1. Client satisfaction: This measures the satisfaction level of the client with the consultant's services. This can be measured through surveys or feedback sessions.

  2. Project delivery: This measures the ability of the consultant to deliver the project within the agreed timeline, budget, and scope.

  3. Cost savings: This measures the amount of money that the consultant has helped the client save, either through identifying cost-cutting opportunities or improving operational efficiency.

  4. Revenue growth: This measures the rate at which the client's revenue is growing as a result of the consultant's services.

  5. Return on investment (ROI): This measures the return on investment for the client's investment in the consultant's services.

  6. Employee satisfaction: This measures the satisfaction level of the client's employees with the consultant's services. This can be measured through surveys or feedback sessions.

  7. Implementation success: This measures the success of implementing the consultant's recommendations and solutions.

  8. Strategy execution: This measures the ability of the client to execute the consultant's recommended strategy and achieve the desired outcomes.

  9. Market share: This measures the client's market share and the impact of the consultant's services on the client's market position.

  10. Business growth: This measures the rate at which the client's business is growing as a result of the consultant's services.

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What KPIs Do Management Consultants Use Monitor Their Projects?

Management consultants use various KPIs to keep track of their projects and ensure they are meeting their objectives. Some of the KPIs that management consultants may use to track their projects include:

  1. Project timeline: This measures the time taken to complete a project, and whether it is on track to meet the agreed timeline.

  2. Project budget: This measures the cost of the project and whether it is within the agreed budget.

  3. Project scope: This measures whether the project is meeting the agreed scope and objectives.

  4. Project quality: This measures the quality of the project deliverables and whether they meet the client's requirements.

  5. Project risk: This measures the level of risk associated with the project and whether the project team is effectively managing risks.

  6. Stakeholder satisfaction: This measures the satisfaction level of stakeholders (e.g. clients, team members, etc.) with the project and its progress.

  7. Change management success: This measures the effectiveness of the project team in managing and communicating changes to stakeholders.

  8. Resource utilization: This measures the effective use of project resources (e.g. team members, equipment, etc.) to achieve project objectives.

  9. Issues and risks management: This measures the effectiveness of the project team in identifying, tracking, and mitigating project issues and risks.

  10. Project profitability: This measures the profitability of the project for the consulting firm, taking into account all costs and fees associated with the project.

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