Free Visualization and Charting

If you're looking for Style Chart, InetSoft's free embeddable charting service, we've replaced it with Visualize Free, an easy-to-use, no software download Web-based charting and visualization application.

Derived from our commercial business intelligence software, this free charting tool is designed to be very intuitive and interactive.

More Information about InetSoft's Free Charting Software

Visualize Free is a Web-based charting service. Create an account, upload your spreadsheet or .csv file, and use the drag and drop chart designer to create anything from simple graphs to interactive visual analyses. Keep them private or share them with others.

As a no-software-download charting solution, all you need is a browser. You can create charts using any Windows, Unix, or Mac desktop or laptop, and consume them on the same, as well as mobile devices including iPads, Android-based tablets plus iPhones and other smart phones.


  • Multi-dimensional charting such as bubble charts, and trellis or multi-charts
  • Brushing for data exploration (highlighting related data across multiple charts)
  • Advanced geographic mapping
  • Dual purpose input/output selection elements
  • Calendars, range sliders, gauges, crosstabs
  • What-if analysis, experimenting with scenarios by combining user input with dynamic data
  • Export charts with high fidelity to Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF

Use Visualize Free to Evaluate InetSoft's Commercial Dashboard Software

Visualize Free provides an easy way to evaluate some of the capabilities of InetSoft's commercial visualization product, which is available as a standalone visual analysis and interactive dashboard application in Style Scope, and as part of a complete business intelligence software application in Style Intelligence.

Note that as a free visualization tool, Visualize Free naturally has limitations:

  • The software is not to be used for commercial purposes.
  • Data models, data mashup, simultaneous access to multiple data sources, and access to additional types of data, such as relational databases, XML, SOAP Web services, Java beans, and OLAP cubes are available in InetSoft's commercial BI applications.
Read more about InetSoft's data mashup technology to learn how it makes BI asset delivery and maintenance more efficient than traditional BI solutions.