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Do you need help making sense of your Amazon Aurora data? Amazon Aurora is a relational database service developed and offered by Amazon Web Services beginning in October 2014. InetSoft's software can access Amazon Aurora, as well as various Big Data sources from anywhere, making it easier to manipulate data because it's all in one place.

Having a large amount of data is usually a good thing for a business; it's a good indicator of success. InetSoft's program can help manage and analyze data from spreadsheets to Hadoop. InetSoft can do it all, helping to make your data usable and understandable.

Style Intelligence is InetSoft's data intelligence platform. SI allows Amazon Aurora data to be taken from disparate sources, eliminating or reducing the need for things like a data warehouse which can be tedious and annoying to deal with.

A user-friendly interface allows for data manipulation on any level, easy or advanced. The user can also incorporate visualizations along with visual analysis and published reporting.

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Style Intelligence is cloud-ready, and has all the tools available to be customized for a business' needs. The user can modify and find relationships between data sets so that the data source isn't being modified itself. The user can tell the InetSoft tool how to interpret data and it always remembers to contextualize it this way. This user friendly data manipulation technology is especially helpful with Big Data. With Style Intelligence, users can pull Big Data from disparate sources to get actionable insights in real time.

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The Need for Amazon Aurora Dashboard Software

Nowadays all companies struggle with ever growing stores of data. Due to the increase in data storage technology, data sources have become larger and old fashioned data tools won't cut it. With all of the outsourcing IT to external third party vendors, analysts have more disparate cloud data sources to integratethan ever before. This is where InetSoft comes in. With some traditional tools the user may be able to analyze some of the data, but not combine data from any of 73 different cloud data sources. Basic data tools won't deliver with the same speed and efficiency that InetSoft's Big Data tools will. Information can also be extracted that normal data tools are unable to replicate. This creates knowledge that otherwise wouldn't exist without InetSoft.

InetSoft's data grid caching technology is perfect for Amazon Aurora. It uses in-memory database reporting to eliminate the slow response speeds that normally happen with Big Data. This means that SI saves a cache of the data that's ready to be used instead of scouring the huge database for the information every time the user refreshes.

The bigger a data set, the longer it takes to load, so while a user has the ability to set a refresh for every 5 minutes if they want, this wouldn't be helpful on larger data sets. Some companies have dashboards that crunch so much data that it take hours to load the data. That's why SI gives them the flexibility to set the refresh whenever they want; hourly, daily, etc. so that by the time the workday starts, their dashboard is as relevant as it needs to be.

Other Compatible Big Data Sources

  • Apache Spark
  • Hadoop
  • MapR
  • Many others

Flexibility, power, and compatibility combine to make Style Intelligence InetSoft's premium BI software.

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