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Data processing software inspects, cleans, and transforms data, so that a decision maker can aggregate, chart and analyze the data to discover useful information, suggest conclusions, and expedite good decision making.

InetSoft offers friendly and powerful data processing and data visualization software headlined by their flagship application, Style Intelligence. This premium business intelligence solution can report or visualize data from multiple places simultaneously, processing the data itself and priming it for use by the end user.

Intelligently designed to require minimal input from a user, Style Intelligence preprocesses data by modifying it as it is comes into the program. Using a background environment tool called a worksheet, the end user can really plunge their hands into the processing, setting different conditions, formulas, or calculated fields to change various aspects of the data that comes through.

The worksheet remembers what to change every single time, while the data that is getting pulled from the source remains unchanged. The processing part of the software runs in the background of the program while the user visualizes and analyzes data in the foreground.

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This processing software supports both general and advanced visualization techniques. Capable of simple pie, bar and line charts, Style Intelligence also provides the ability to design bullet charts, heat maps, and even multiple graph types in a single chart. InetSoft believes that when you limit visual ability for the sake of speed or processing power you ultimately limit business growth potential.

Besides handling more information and power than most other BI software of its size, an enterprise only needs to enable this powerful data processor on a single unit in their system. From there the program is accessible online from any company computer, and as many users as needed can run the program to create any number of reports and dashboards, rendered from as many disparate databases as you have. All of this can be accomplished simultaneously.

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Synchronization | The Data Processing Solution

Imagine taking a load of work off from the shoulders of the IT department while project managers process data at lightning speed on their own. Instead of writing queries and volleying back and forth with IT personnel whose hands are already full, a team is working on their own data processing needs.

The employees who need statistical results are getting them faster and communicating more efficiently, the IT team is freed from endless data requests, and the overall office is experiencing increased productive potential. For example a CEO may want to target customers that have a larger online presence than others. A user can materialize a brand new, more inclusive table, that combines CRM data with a spreadsheet doc of email addresses that frequent online forums.

With the InetSoft interface simply dragging fields from the relational database and spreadsheet together renders a new data table in seconds.

Style intelligence utilizes a uniquely smart way of aggregating data that minimizes the heft of the program while maximizing its usability. InetSoft calls this Data Block technology. With this innovation Style Intelligence is able to handle and sync data constantly, making the newest information the most available information.

An added benefit is that no matter how or where data is stored, it's all accessible from a single browser window called a Style Intelligence viewsheet. The end user performs no data maintenance, does not need an IT background, and can even access rendered analyses from their smartphone. This realizes a perfect marriage between employees and all available data.

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KPI's | Automatic Reporting | Intelligent Design

When you are wrangling with Big Data or you are mining your data for its hidden insights, going through and picking stats off of a spreadsheet, even with an formula, can be the most tedious task. For Style Intelligence, managing hundreds of thousands of columns and rows of data is the easy part.

With that taken care of effortlessly in the background the end-user has a full range of freedoms as to what to do with their data and more importantly, their results. Visualization is key and yet only the tip of the iceberg. Because Style Intelligence is constantly preprocessing data, the user can monitor KPI's in real time, and can gain need-to-know information with a quick click on and a fast glance at a report.

Is it conceivable that a data processing software could know preferences, send email reports automatically, and alert managers when certain thresholds are met? Imagine learning that a team of sales people hit their quota midway through quarter, without needing to ask for a report. Interviews with OEM's CFO's and CEO's suggest that these are just some of the key advantages Style Intelligence offers.

Process, visualize, and understand the story your data is telling. To learn more register for a live demo or read reviews from industry experts.

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