Report Making Software

As your business grows, so does your need for report making software that will automate business monitoring and management. Better sales numbers, more salespeople, more clients and accounts to manage also means more products to ship and track, more employee information to file, and more daily variables to react to.

That's why InetSoft designed the easy to use report making software, Style Intelligence. In addition to web-based interactive dashboards, Style Intelligence also contains a powerful reporting engine that readily meets the needs of companies of any size.

Style Intelligence is a responsive, effortless, report making utility that you can start building informative reports on immediately. As a reporting tool Style Intelligence has one of the shortest learning curves in the industry, turning even a true beginner into an expert quickly. As you strive for greater success, it will remain easy to react to an ever evolving business environment.

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And once you have mastered the simpler aspects of report making, you can amp up your exploration of company data by building dynamic interactive reports on the web. User friendly data filtering tools such as sliders, selection lists, and calendars allow you to focus in on specific details, or take a step back to see the bigger picture, all in the same report.

An Agile and Easy Report Maker

To enable faster report loading, Style Intelligence uses data streaming, a process where the application retrieves only smaller chunks of a whole large data set and processes a few report pages at a time. This way, Style Intelligence allows the user to begin viewing the parts of the report they are most interested in while the rest of the report still processes, instead of having to wait for the entire report to load. This is just one example of the agility unique to InetSoft's BI tools.

Not only is Style Intelligence a fast loading, responsive report maker, it also comes with technical support that allows your business to setup and sync in as little as a couple of weeks. This is a huge advantage over other powerful "report generation" programs, that may take months to fully deploy, limiting data access and slowing down business processes throughout your organization.

InetSoft's focus on allowing for maximum self-service makes it easy for business intelligence beginners by giving them simple processes that do not require heavy technical expertise. The goal is to get decision makers setup with the information they need as quickly and as easily as possible.

The best choice of report maker will be able to handle a growth in number of users and amount of data while consistently exhibiting good performance. It is common for businesses to outgrow their report making software once they take their use of business intelligence to the next level. This won't be a problem, as InetSoft's entire software suite is designed for maximum scalablity. Businesses can start small and as time goes on buy more licenses, as their BI platform expands seamlessly to meet the needs of a growing organization.

Report Making Evolved

The user can take advantage of many report making utilities such as the report navigation toolbar and the report scheduler. The navigation toolbar streamlines access to your data, allowing you to jump around a digital multi-page report quickly. The scheduler, in essence, delivers reports to you on its own. It can email, archive-for-later, print reports daily or even go beyond timed updates and deliver live information based on customized settings.

Style Intelligence alerts and schedulers benefit you the most on the go, as the report making software gives you access to reports and dashboards on your smartphone, letting your projects become pants pocket portable. The scheduler also has hidden advantages that benefit users automatically, such as bursting.

With bursting, the data from many reports is combined into one huge report for efficiency. The reporting engine then automatically delivers to each user only the sections of the report that are relevant to them. This spells the end to frustrating wait times and missed opportunities. With access to data needs virtually unimpeded, end users, project managers and executives can react to new information and make strong decisions on the fly.

Watch a short demo to find out how Style Intelligence can be a catalyst for the evolution of your business.

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