InetSoft Product Information: Reporting Software - Administering Archived Reports

Administering archived reports is simple with InetSoft's reporting software, an intuitive reporting solution that is used as a stand alone or embedded solution at enterprises worldwide. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

Administrators can manage the reports and the trashcan through the Enterprise Manager.

A report can be saved into the archive through a scheduled task or by a user through their Portal page, using the 'Save as archive' option in the 'Save As' dialog box. If a file system archive is being used, archiving a report with the same name as an existing archived report will cause the original archived report to be overwritten by the new archived report.

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If a 'CVS' archive is being used, saving a report to an existing report adds a new version to the archive, rather than replacing the previous version. The versions are stored until removed explicitly by the user, or according to the version archive rule.

If a user has at least read permission in an archived report, the archived report shows up on the repository tree on the user's Portal page. A user can then click on the archived report name to view the report.

The administrator can select any report from the tree and delete it, and is not restricted by the access permission of the report. Once a folder or report is deleted, it is moved to the trashcan.

End users can delete a report from the repository tree if they have delete permission on the report. When a report is deleted, it is placed in a trashcan, and can be recovered by an administrator.

The trashcan can be accessed by clicking on the 'Trashcan' node on the navigation tree under the Report tab. To restore a folder or report, select the folder or report and click 'Undelete'. The folder or report is recovered from the trashcan and placed back in the archive. A folder or report can be permanently removed from the archive by deleting it from the 'Trashcan'. After the folder or report is deleted from the 'Trashcan', it cannot be restored to the archive.

Similarly, archived reports can be removed from the repository without the file being deleted. This is called 'Unmount', and can be done on the detail page of the archived report, or that of its parent folder. At the folder level there is also an option to 'Scan' which will look at the physical folder contents and recreate the repository entries. This could also be used to add arbitrary documents to the repository.

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