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Users can set up the dashboard registry directory to draw data from specificied access points for optimal querying capabilities. This feature is part of InetSoft's dashboard software, an all-in-one business analytics and reporting solution.  View the example below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

When you first install Style Intelligence, the default Registry directory is populated with a number of example data sources, queries, reports, and other assets which are provided for learning purposes. In most cases, when you begin to develop your own reports and assets, you will find it helpful to use a Registry that is not cluttered with these sample materials.

It is recommended that you back up files before deleting.

To create a clean Registry directory in the existing SREE Home location (WEB-INF/classes), remove all of the files currently in the SREE Home directory, except for the following two essential files:

• (audit database settings)
• (servlet configuration settings)

dashboard registery

You may also wish to retain the following files in this directory: dashboard-layouts.xml, which is required for users to construct dashboards, and adhocWizard.xml, which is required for the users to access the Ad Hoc Wizards.

The registry directory contains all of the configuration files. The two most important configuration files are:

• - contains configuration information for a particular repository. Paths in may be specified using an absolute path, or, in the case of paths which are relative to the registry directory, they may be specified using the environment variable, e.g., $(sree.home)/repository.xml.

• repository.xml - contains the xml specification for the logical structure of the repository.

dashboard demo
View a 2-minute demonstration of InetSoft's easy, agile, and robust BI software.

Other configuration files may include:

• schedule.xml - contains the xml specification for the configuration of the scheduler. • datasource.xml - contains the xml specification for the configuration of the data sources for a reporting application.
• query.xml. - contains the xml specification for queries which may be associated with particular data sources.
• sree.log - plain text file containing log events for the SREE server.
• schedule.log - plain text file containing the log entries for the Scheduling component of the server.

The registry directory is usually specified as the initialization parameter, sree.home, for the Repository servlet (inetsoft.sree.web.ServletRepository), and also for the Enterprise Manager servlet (inetsoft.sree.adm.AdmServlet). However, the sree.home initialization parameter is not necessary if the configuration files are placed at the root of the classpath (i.e. in WEB-INF/classes).

When you use the Enterprise Manager to change settings, the new settings are saved to the configuration files in the registry directory (SREE Home).

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