Insurance Analytics Solution Case Study

This is a case study of an insurance industry analytics solution built with InetSoft's dashboard and reporting software - which can be used to access and report on any type of data, including insurance industry data.

Insurance Analytics Expert Integrates InetSoft's Data Intelligence Technology


This InetSoft client requested to remain confidential.

The client sought to create an end-to-end insurance BI solution which would provide insurance companies with access to and analysis of real-time data, so that insurance companies could discover trends and insights across their entire customer base.

The client wanted to build their solution from insurance industry standard data models (Acord & OMG) that include line-of-business details such as worker compensation. Incorporating these data models into the solution would allow insurance companies to do consolidated operational reporting and analytics.

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This InetSoft client needed a flexible fully customizable business intelligence tool, from which the insurance analytics product they envisioned could be built.

  • Their customers had huge amounts of data that were stored in multiple systems, which limited access and meaningful use. A BI tool was needed that could join customers' legacy or competing systems data with other pertinent business information like demographics from external social data sources.
  • A tool was needed whose design fit with the client's vision of having the insurance data for both dashboards and reports coming through a single metadata layer, thereby ensuring a "single version of the truth" for all insurance calculations and metrics.
  • The tool also needed to be able to scale up with their customers changing business needs, so that the need to look for a new BI vendor didn't arise in the future.


InetSoft's flagship product, Style Intelligence, was selected as an OEM component for the client's insurance analytics solution. The area where InetSoft's solution really stood out was the level of self-service that the solution offered to non-technical end users, not just in the easy building and modification of dashboards and reports, but also in the capability to modify and mash up data using the InetSoft data worksheet. InetSoft's proprietary data worksheet puts the power of fast data integration and mashup into the hands of business users without having to wait on IT to integrate and massage new data sources.

The client was pleasantly surprised to find that if they chose InetSoft's tool for integration, their platform could give users the ability to merge and join data sources without having to create ETL processes or even write SQL in the back end. InetSoft's Style Intelligence offered these capabilities and it could also be hosted on premise, which is a preference for many insurance companies due to the sensitive nature of their data.

Customer Value

  • Since integrating InetSoft to create their insurance analytics solution, the client was named as one of the "20 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Providers" of 2017 by CIOReview.
  • Their solution offers better data consolidation and analysis within the often complex insurance industry, with clients gaining valuable insights and visibility into the performance of their agencies, underwriters and adjusters.
  • When mashing up insurance, census, and social media data, power users do not need an ETL process to connect disparate sources of data. Unique calculated customer metrics like highest rate of retention and lowest loss ratio are used for targeted marketing for better customer retention.
  • Business users can annotate & bookmark dashboards for better communication between the underwriting and claims departments.
  • Using the flexibility of the InetSoft data worksheet, insurance business rules are now incorporated into the solution to check the accuracy and quality of the data.
  • The client's B2B insurance industry solution offers 140 pre-built, perfectly formatted yet customizable industry standard reports, making it easy for insurance companies to provide required reporting to government agencies and shareholders.
  • To ensure they don't miss anything important, users can set up alert capabilities. For example, the claims department gets an alert when auto customer's losses exceed a certain amount.
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