Report Configuration Properties

Report configuration properties are easily adjusted to meet individual needs in InetSoft's reporting software. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

This Appendix lists all properties used by this software's components. Properties are used in the report engine to control the operation of the report formatting and printing. You have encountered the use of properties in previous chapters, such as the StyleReport.useCustomDriver property for controlling the printer driver selection.

Properties are set using the SreeEnv class, which has static methods for setting and retrieving the property values. The SreeEnv class uses the system properties as the base property setting. Any properties set in the system properties, through command line or Java API, are accessible from the SreeEnv class.

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Most of the properties have a corresponding component in the Enterprise Manager. For normal use, we recommend using the Enterprise Manager to change the property values. Misconfiguration of property values could cause the components to malfunction. The property files can be shipped as part of an application and customized during the installation.

Alternatively, an installation script can be used to modify the property files to suit the server environment in batch mode. The advantage of using a script is that no user intervention is needed during the installation, and the installation of the application can be completely automated. Because all configuration files are plain-text based, any scripting language can be used to develop the installation scripts.

DHTML generation properties include meta information settings for the HTML pages produced by the report engine.

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