Report Server Engine Properties

InetSoft's reporting software makes it easy to configure report server engine properties so that users reap the benefits of the platform's malleable nature. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

Server engine properties include specifications relating to configuration file locations and names.

The 'Configuration' > 'Datasource/Lib' page allows you to set the location of the following registry files:

  • datasource.xml: Database connection information and data model definition.
  • query.xml: Query definitions.
  • Reusable report components.

The 'Query variable names are unique' option allows you to indicate whether repeated query variable names should be treated as unique (and utilize a common prompt).

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   True to force all images to be dithered before printing. Default is false.


   True to dither image when printing to black/white printer. Default is false.


   True to use custom driver. Default is false.


   Locale mapping file resource name.

   Locale mapping property file name.


   Load the locale property file used by Catalog, so other language text can be properly loaded.


   Location of .srl (Style Report Library) file.


   List of .srl files specified using the file's full path. Use this when using multiple .srl files.


   Location of datasource.xml file.


   List of .xml files that are used to define all of the available data sources.


   Location of query.xml file.


   List of .xml files that are used to define all of the available queries.

   Caches query resultsets for reuse across reports. Defaults to true with a 30 second timeout

   Caches query resultsets in worksheets and Viewsheets for improved performance.

   List of JavaScript packages accessible to the scripting environment.

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