InetSoft's Business Intelligence Tool that is Easily Deployed and Used

InetSoft offers a Business Intelligence Tool for dashboards, analysis, and reporting that are easy, agile, and robust. InetSoft's flagship product, Style Intelligence™, goes beyond traditional business intelligence tools by providing a complete BI software platform which includes fine-grained security and administration for accessing diverse data sources. In addition to pixel-perfect report publication, this advanced BI platform offers powerful yet easy-to-use Web-based applications for dashboard creation and interactive visual analysis.

Searching for BI tools that will make information access and reporting easier? InetSoft's Style Intelligence includes Business Intelligence Tools that are...

robust enough to:
  • build attention-getting HTML5-based dashboards
  • address the needs of power users
  • scale up for large organizations and data sets
and is easy enough to be:
  • deployed within weeks, not months
  • used by business analysts, db admins, and even business users
and flexible enough to:
  • adapt to changing data structures and business needs
  • enable maximum self-service through ad hoc and visual representation of analysis
Read how InetSoft saves money and resources with deployment flexibility.