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When you are shopping for BI dashboard tools there are some automatic concerns you have. Flexibility, power, speed, compatibility all come to the forefront of your mind. A great dashboard generator will have a marriage of tools that address every area of business IT and BI needs. That is what makes InetSoft's BI software so attractive to so many users. Since 1996 InetSoft has been crafting the perfect BI tool that fits the power needs of businesses of any size, with the IT friendliness for beginners.

The award winning BI software solution Style Intelligence is InetSoft's flagship BI software. They designed this solution to be as flexible as possible with one of the smallest resource footprints in the industry. Interviews with CEOs, OEMs, and CFOs that have invested in Style Intelligence as their primary BI dashboard tool show that the application's ability to solve data management challenges, as well as its IT-friendliness are what gives the BI software product its key advantages.

Data Awareness

The program has what might be described as data awareness. In big data sense, not every storage solution, warehouse, or analyzing service is going to be talking the same language. A dashboard builder is going to need a homogenized environment where data from all different sources can be mashed up. A user with a huge storage facility or a cloud service might be looking for an easier way to visualize than learning SQL languages.This is why Style Intelligence was designed. Before it is an interactive data presenter, before its a reporting engine, Style Intelligence is striving to be a unifier of data.

This is what makes it a superior dashboard tool. Style Intelligence is compatible with open source big data storage solutions like Hadoop, as well as proprietary databases like Oracle and Google Analytics and Adwords. It can connect to CRMs such as, but not limited to, Sugar and, and even even be used to visually compliment server analysis systems such as Microsoft's MS SSaS, Hyperion Essbase and more.

Intelligent Analysis Toolbox

The nearly universal compatibility in Style Intelligence gives the program immense power but what about speed and the ever present weariness of eating up system resources? Well, Style Intelligence is a veritable BI tool box. Since it runs from the web this means that it leaves as small a footprint as possible on system resources. InetSoft even offers its own cloud storage solution to lighten the already miniscule resource load.

But this premium BI tool also has built-in communicative functions. Through bursting it achieves lightning fast speeds on its reporting engine. By scooping up several reports and combining them into a single larger report (each burst designed to give only the most pertinent information to the user in need) Style Intelligence is streamlining the end-user's path to analysis. Another feature of this cutting edge BI tool is that it can be programmed to report periodically or respond to alert thresholds, like budget overruns or eclipsed quotas, automatically emailing a report out to executives and decision makers within minutes of receiving the information.

It also allows maximum flexibility using data caching to load and refresh dashboards that are pulling data from huge sources like SharePoint and Cloudera. Sometimes it might take a system hours to find the right data, but with caching Style Intelligence in essence saves its place for easier reclamation and can be programmed to refresh whenever a user needs. If the program needs 4 hours to call up relevant data, the user can set Style Intelligence to refresh at 3am, so that by the time work starts in the morning the business's dashboards are already loaded with the most recent data possible. Utilizing the ever growing advances of html5, dashboards designed in the Style Intelligence environment can be made smartphone compatible.

In essence you can send perfectly curated dashboards to agents in the field for presentations, no matter where they are in the world. These html5 dashboards are replete with interactivity: drill downs, data-zooming, brushing, highlighting, exclusions can all be performed at will. Instead staring at a static paper report, clients can ask specific data questions that will be answered in front of their eyes on their very own touchscreen devices.

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Self-Service Visual Drilldown Capability | Ad-Hoc Displays

Style Intelligence allows for a truly expressive range of visualizations. The balance between advanced and general visualizations is met here. InetSoft does not believe in sacrificing power for the sake of quick visualization, nor does it believe is sacrificing speed to achieve complex charting styles.

Once Style Intelligence is attached to one computer in an office as many users as an enterprise needs can gain access to the visualizing environment on their own. This web based approach allows the program to support more advanced techniques like waterfall charts, bullet graphs, state, national and global mapping, heatmap displays and multidimensional charts without losing ad-hoc display and analyses to resource management challenges.

All of the chart styles are highly interactive, responding to brushing that highlights data across the board at the whim of a double click. Charts can respond to data zooms and data exclusions that allow targeting of items. Drop down menus, range sliders and selection lists can be added to isolate specific data groups and trends. And all of these features can be activated live, fly-by-wire. This ad-hoc BI tool is perfect for self-service BI analysis or live presentations for clients. To learn more, you can view a short informational video or register for a free product demo from InetSoft service representatives by clicking the links below.

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