Fusebill Subscription Dashboards

If you use Fusebill and are looking to go beyond the in product reports, consider InetSoft's Style Intelligence and its custom Fusebill connector. Now you can integrate Fusebill billing and subscription data with budgeting, performance and product management, and any other relevant data source.

To this end InetSoft has built a fully customizable, secure and automated reporting solution that not only synchronizes information from data centers, but also allows professional and eye popping data visualizations. It is time to start putting data to work. But with all the possible integrations available, what makes InetSoft stand out?

InetSoft's Style Intelligence™ dashboard software offers unlimited multi-dimensional charting, patented data aggregation technology, and new new connections to 73 cloud-based enterprise applications.

This premium BI software can also function on autonomous levels. It can automatically deliver alerts, send periodic updates, and generate reports according to custom thresholds, all through email.

Imagine getting an email alert when expenses in a particular division are getting close to an overrun without having to constantly check on it. This is a new level of oversight and control for any enterprise.

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Subscription and Billing Report Solutions With InetSoft

Priced to scale from midsize to large sized businesses, InetSoft products are customized to fit enterprise needs snuggly. To accomplish this InetSoft works with companies to figure out how many concurrent end-users they expect to have, and which features they can utilize best, to avoid paying for licenses and features that do not complement their business needs. As businesses find more success they also find more data needs to answer, so Style Intelligence was designed to effortlessly upgrade with the scale of growing enterprises.

InetSoft also offers professional services, such as on-site IT support, off-site custom report design, and dashboard design training to help set up dashboard and reporting environments. The emphasis of InetSoft's customer-first philosophy is ease, and this philosophy saturates every dimension of their business model.

Besides creating a suite of software that can be wielded effectively even by novices, InetSoft software solutions boast such a simple deployment that the entire breadth of powerful services is up and running in only a couple of weeks.

Style Intelligence is InetSoft's most encompassing, capable and robust application. Interviews with OEM's CFO's and CEO's suggest that some of the key advantages of purchasing InetSoft's premium software suite are the application's ability to solve data management challenges, such as flexibly optimizing the use of memory and disk space, as well as its IT-friendliness, both of which businesses that are building expense reports encounter.

Customize Advantage | Style Intelligence

Style Intelligence was built to float on system resources lightly yet process information with the power of a weighty program. The application runs in both flash and html5 in virtually any web browser. It takes up little disk space and installing the software on every individual computer is unnecessary.

Rather, it can be run on a whole network from one local computer, or even hosted on a cloud network, saving desktop stress and maximizing user access. It also boasts the ability to deal with hundreds of thousands to millions of rows and columns of data without loss of function.

Style Intelligence also offers innovative data system techniques that allow an enterprise to get the most out of their business plans as possible. No matter where data is stored, it can be accessed and displayed through the completely customizable web-based interface environment. This innovation, part of InetSoft's patent pending Data Block™ technology, gives the application the ability to create charts and tables that refresh with brand new information in seconds.

To cap off the Style Intelligence data advantage, a datasource only needs to be linked once and the application can be refreshed manually or dashboard views can be scheduled for automatic updating, to incorporate incoming information. This means that across different dashboarding and reporting needs the newest information is also the most available information.

To really find out how Style Intelligence can be utilized to explode business potential at the push of a button with features, such as specially targeted reporting and alerting, watch this 3 minute informative video or register for a live product demonstration.

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