Simple Dashboard Design

The key to successful BI strategy is simple dashboard design. When a business or enterprise wants to explode the potential of their data findings they need to implement business intelligence in a way that is at once sophisticated and accessible. This is from where the idea of dashboard originated. And since their inception dashboards have become increasingly capable, but seemingly at the same time, overtly and unusably complex.

InetSoft has been in the data visualization industry for 20 years and saw a better way to make dashboards. The philosophy is that information should jump out at decision makers. Time should not be wasted analyzing data and sending multiple requests to IT. What if there was a simple BI application that could revolutionize the way information culture works in an office? What if an app could simplify dashboarding BI without losing incisive tools or sacrificing data visibilities?

The search for a simple solution to a complex problem is where Style Intelligence comes from. Style Intelligence is a fully interactive BI application that runs from the web. It only needs to be installed on one computer system in an office to give the whole employee roster access. It runs granular security permissions, keeping sensitive data safe while granting the full range of analysis capabilities to every user.

No More Distractions, Just Smart Data | Style Intelligence

The ease of Style Intelligence hinges on its drag and drop interface. To make charts, tables, graphs, a user only has to connect their data source to the program and drag columns out into the interactive viewsheet. KPIs and Scorecards are fully interactive, responding to everything from brushing to zooms, sliders, and drill downs. This means Style Intelligence is doing a whole lot of the math for the user.

The program comes out of the box with more than 30 visualizations and is highly customizable through user-designed uploads. Furthermore, Style Intelligence can automatically display data in the best view possible for clear communication, making math decisions instantly in the background while the user experiments by dragging and dropping to find data relationships.

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InetSoft's flagship application allows aesthetic flexibility in every imaginable dimension. Right now simple and flat designs have swept the industry. The focus in dashboard technology is getting information to users, where flashy and fun looks can ultimately be distracting. Style Intelligence allows for custom colors, as well as color codes that can be found online, giving the dashboard the highly unique and profesional look a user wants.

It also delivers a huge host of charting options but it's ability to display dynamic KPIs (key performance indicators) that communicate to a user analysis in eye catching but clear and informative fashion, gives it the edge. KPIs can developed with math no more complex than algebra and yet tell a user a unmistakeable results.

Useful for Beginners | Capable for Power Users

InetSoft offers on and off-site training and a full deployment of the Style Intelligence BI system only takes 2 weeks compared to the industry standard of a couple of months. The intuitive design allows users to teach themselves and in a few hours any employee who picks up the program graduate from novice to expert in only a few hours of use.

To gain their power a lot of similar BI applications in the industry require knowledge of SQL coding language. This means only the technologically advanced users ever have complete access to program features and the BI ultimately rests in the hands of a small handful of employees. Style Intelligecen deemphasizes SQL language, opening up its capabilities to anyone, without sacrificing visual competence or reach of analysis. This allows for maximum flexibility without bogging down in code or language errors.

But Style Intelligence can also use MySQL and NoSql languages. This powerful BI method has not been removed, just pushed to a deeper level of the program, reserving the type of analytical power that data scientists and power users need to draw their deeper insights and create their own customized visuals.

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