Visual Data Analysis

Visual data analysis is becoming one of the biggest trends for businesses across all industries, but what is it exactly and how can it benefit your business?

Visual data analysis is the expansion of analytical reasoning to incorporate interactive visuals and dashboards. This allows companies to greatly increase their overall efficiency by increasing their understanding of information critical to the business. Looking at traditional static reports and numbers can only convey so much information, and makes it almost impossible to spot relevant trends and correlations within data. However, visual data analysis tools allow users to see those numbers in a chart, gauge, or crosstab in order to get a better understanding of what the data is saying.

InetSoft has been a pioneer in the BI industry, producing visual data analysis tools to help companies with their data since 1996. These data analysis tools have been created with the end user in mind, making it possible for users of any technical level to create visualizations and dashboards without the help of IT, regardless of technical skill level. This level of self-service sets InetSoft's visual data analysis software apart from the rest and allows businesses to track important metrics and even predict future trends within the company.

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chart output from visual analysis software

Increased Data Exploration

Traditional information access tools are frustrating for business users as they are heavily reliant on human resources and IT specialists, which causes unnecessary delays and increased overhead costs. If a business user was to have a question in mind, a data report request would need to be made to a database analyst in order to get an answer. This step would have to be repeated for each question the user had, which is costly in time as well as resources.

In contrast, visual data analysis puts the power of data exploration right in the hands of the non-technical user. Anyone with a basic understanding of excel can deploy dashboards and explore their data in real time with the use of interactive visuals in just a few simple clicks with no outside assistance. This level of self-service offered by InetSoft offers for faster access to data, faster decision making, as well as decreased overhead costs for the company.

Flexibility and Data Analysis

One of the most significant aspects of a good visual data analysis tool is the flexibility that it offers to end users. With InetSoft's data analysis software, users cannot only view their data, but also interact with and manipulate the information to suit their specific needs, resulting in maximum flexibility and virtually endless possibilities.

Users can utilize visual interactive features such as brushing and drilldown in order to highlight and filter data according to selected dimensions and measures in order to only display relevant information.

Users can also take advantage of InetSoft's rich multidimensional charting in order to plot multiple measures and dimensions on a chart. With this tool, users have the opportunity to spot new trends and correlations by viewing the data represented in different colors shapes, and sizes.

Once a significant piece of information is found during interactive exploration, users can bookmark their changes and share it with the rest of the company, allowing for more opportunities of collaboration and discovery within the business.

Visual data analysis is a very important business tool for members of all levels within an organization in order to gain greater insight to company information and make more efficient business decisions. When deciding on a visual data analysis tool, consider InetSoft to meet all of your data analysis needs.

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