InetSoft Technology: Free and Commerical Business Intelligence Products - Dashboard, Analysis and Reporting Tools

InetSoft offers an Operational BI platform that features visualization-driven: reporting, dashboards, and analytics. It is backed by Data Block technology that provides user-defined data mashup and transformation, and performance benefits like streaming, caching, and materialized view pre-aggregation.

Our products are easy, agile, and robust: easy to implement initially, and easy for users to learn; agile to adjust to changing business requirements quickly; and robust in terms of feature-set and scalability. Your budget benefits from fast implementations and flexible licensing while your users receive greater self-service, exploration, and collaboration. InetSoft's innovative products have won awards from developers every year since 1999.

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Commercial Products

Style Intelligence - Business Intelligence Software

Style Intelligence is a complete operational business intelligence platform. It provides a visualization-driven approach to reporting, dashboards, and visual analysis, all in a single small footprint deployment.

Style Scope - Dashboard Software

Style Scope is an edition of Style Intelligence that includes the patent-pending Data Block technology that is focused on data visualization, plus monitoring and analytic dashboards.

Style Report Enterprise - Reporting Software

Style Report Enterprise is an edition of Style Intelligence that focuses on high performance, scalable enterprise reporting. Deliver carefully formatted information to a wide business user community.

Free Applications

Style Scope Agile Edition - Free Dashboard Software

Style Scope Agile Edition is a small-footprint server that delivers Web-based interactive dashboards and visualizations that can be shared within an organization. It is also a good way to test-drive parts of InetSoft's zero-client commercial edition of Style Scope which includes support for multi-source data mashups and full admin and security controls.

Visualize Free - Free Analysis Software

Visualize Free is a visual analysis application anyone can use to explore their own data visually and interactively. Based on the visualization technology of Style Scope and Style Intelligence, it is also an easy way to evaluate InetSoft's analytical dashboard capabilities without having to install any software.

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