BI Software That Is Easily Deployed and Used

Are you searching for BI software that is robust enough to:

  • attract attention from executives
  • satisfy the demands of power users
  • adapt for organizations of all sizes

and is easy enough to be:

  • deployed in a matter of weeks, not months
  • learned by end-users with minor training

and flexible enough to:

  • comform to changing data information and business needs
  • accommodate data exploration through visualization and maximum self-service

Style Intelligence from InetSoft, its Easy. Agile. Robust

#1 Ranking: Read how InetSoft was rated #1 for user adoption in G2's user survey-based index Read More

About InetSoft

Since 1996 InetSoft has been delivering easy, agile, and robust business intelligence software that makes it possible for organizations and solution providers of all sizes to deploy or embed full-featured business intelligence solutions. Application highlights include visually-compelling and interactive dashboards that ensure greater end-user adoption plus pixel-perfect report generation, scheduling, and bursting. InetSoft's patent pending Data Block™ technology enables productive reuse of queries and a unique capability for end-user defined data mashup.

This capability combined with efficient information access enabled by InetSoft's visual analysis technologies allows maximum self-service that benefits the average business user, the IT administrator, and the developer. InetSoft was rated #1 in Butler Analytics Business Analytics Yearbook, and InetSoft's BI solutions have been deployed at over 5,000 organizations worldwide, including 25% of Fortune 500 companies, spanning all types of industries.

BI Customers

How Do Medical Administrators Use Business Intelligence Software?

Medical administrators use business intelligence (BI) software to manage the healthcare business and gain insights into healthcare performance. BI software uses data analytics tools to help healthcare administrators make data-driven decisions, identify trends and patterns, and optimize healthcare operations. Here are some ways that medical administrators use BI software:

  1. Financial management: BI software helps medical administrators manage healthcare finances by providing them with accurate and timely financial reports. This includes analyzing revenue and expenses, forecasting budgets, and identifying areas where costs can be reduced.

  2. Patient management: BI software helps medical administrators manage patient care by providing them with access to patient data, including medical history, diagnoses, and treatments. This allows administrators to identify patterns in patient care and optimize treatment plans.

  3. Operational management: BI software helps medical administrators manage healthcare operations by providing them with real-time information about hospital operations, including bed occupancy rates, patient wait times, and staff productivity. This information can be used to identify areas for improvement and to optimize workflows.

  4. Quality management: BI software helps medical administrators manage healthcare quality by providing them with data on clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and safety metrics. This information can be used to identify areas for improvement and to implement quality improvement initiatives.

  5. Compliance management: BI software helps medical administrators manage compliance by providing them with real-time information on regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA and Meaningful Use. This information can be used to ensure that healthcare operations are compliant with regulatory requirements.

#1 Ranking: Read how InetSoft was rated #1 for user adoption in G2's user survey-based index Read More

What Software Applications Do Medical Administrators Use?

Medical administrators use a variety of software applications to manage healthcare operations, finances, and patient care. Here are some of the most common software applications used by medical administrators:

  1. Electronic Health Records (EHR) software: EHR software is used to manage patient medical records electronically, including medical history, diagnoses, medications, and lab results. EHR software allows medical administrators to access patient information quickly and easily, and to track patient care across multiple providers.

  2. Practice Management software: Practice Management software is used to manage healthcare practices, including scheduling appointments, billing and invoicing, and managing patient information. This software helps medical administrators to streamline practice operations and reduce administrative tasks.

  3. Medical Billing software: Medical billing software is used to manage healthcare billing and invoicing processes. This software helps medical administrators to generate invoices, manage insurance claims, and track payments.

  4. Business Intelligence (BI) software: BI software is used to analyze healthcare data and provide insights into healthcare operations, finances, and patient care. This software helps medical administrators to make data-driven decisions and optimize healthcare operations.

  5. Telemedicine software: Telemedicine software is used to provide remote medical consultations and care to patients. This software allows medical administrators to provide care to patients in remote or rural areas, or during times when in-person visits are not possible.

  6. Clinical Decision Support software: Clinical Decision Support software is used to provide clinicians with real-time clinical information and recommendations based on patient data. This software helps medical administrators to improve patient care and reduce medical errors.

why select InetSoft
“Flexible product with great training and support. The product has been very useful for quickly creating dashboards and data views. Support and training has always been available to us and quick to respond.
- George R, Information Technology Specialist at Sonepar USA

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