Examples of Business Intelligence Usage

Whether you already have data management and analysis tools in place or are on the lookout for new software solutions as we speak, business intelligence (BI) systems can indeed have transformative effects for your company. Eighty-seven percent of businesses have a very low BI maturity and adoption rate while 90% of marketing and sales teams expressed that BI was essential to their success.

Both small-scale and international businesses can benefit highly from adequate BI systems which correspond with their operational needs with the right business intelligence platform to back them up. However, settling for the right set of analysis, tracking and management tools for BI can be tricky without guidelines or previous experience. Let's take a look at what makes BI so important, as well as several tools for business intelligence which you should consider implementing in your company going forward.

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The Benefits of Proper Business Intelligence Tracking

The best way to use BI tools in your company will vary greatly based on your existing business model, product portfolio and sales strategy. Companies that already rely on KPIs will have an easier time implementing BI analysis tools since they revolve around numeric values, data management, and decision-making.

Even if your business is small-scale and in its development infancy, business intelligence can prove helpful due to tools such as machine-learning and marketing analytics becoming available. As such, business intelligence integration can bring several essential benefits to your company, including but not limited to:

  • Fast, precise and objective data analysis and planning
  • More informed decision-making processes
  • Higher employee morale and productivity
  • Improved end-product quality and client satisfaction
  • Reduced production costs and lower margin for error
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Big Data Management

Big data analysis is a constant point of contempt when it comes to managing internal company files and information. The longer your company remains in operation, the bigger its data pool will become, making it essential for you to integrate a big data management tool to compensate for it.

This will allow you to quickly assess day-to-day situations and make informed decisions on how to proceed with your company's best intentions in mind. In addition, a big data management tool will enable you to formulate a data lake from your existing generated data, making access, analysis and everyday use more streamlined and user-friendly as a result.

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Sales Dashboard Overview

Whether you offer physical products or operate as a cloud-based service platform, it is pivotal for you to have access and overview of customer sales data at all times. More importantly, your sales data should be centralized, segmented and readily-available in order to better manage your price models, CRM and daily sales operations.

You can refer to a sales dashboard tool to manage your customer data, formulate visualized data overviews and have a better understanding of your sales performance on a moment-to-moment basis.

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Machine-Learning Integration

No matter how well-organized or segmented your big data may be, human error can always rear its head when you least expect it. As such, it's good practice to implement a machine-learning tool dedicated to business intelligence to amend for any potential mistakes.

These AI algorithms are scalable based on data's demand, allowing you to allocate as much or as little time and resources to their integration as you see fit. Machine-learning will allow you to stay on top of your data management at all times, inform you of performance or sales fluctuations and act as a great companion tool to your data science and sales specialists.

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HR Management

It can be argued that human resources are the most pivotal part of any business, regardless of its market value or reputation. As such, managing your human resources should be done in a reliable and up-to-date software environment. By integrating a dedicated HR dashboard tool into your business intelligence systems, your human resources department will have a much easier time hiring new talent and retaining existing employees.

While intuition and raw experience are important traits for an HR specialist, so is the data repository they work with. Investing resources into HR management software which will accommodate those needs can have highly positive long-term results for any company out there.

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Project Management Analysis

Any new project or product development which takes place in your company will require adequate tracking and analysis from the get-go. To facilitate it, you should consider integrating a project management tool into your business intelligence and data management portfolio.

This will ensure that project leads have an informed way of knowing where every part of the project currently lies, if everything is on-budget and whether or not there are bottlenecks to be concerned about. Most importantly, however, adequate project tracking and analysis will help future teams use the generated data in their planning and production stages to avoid past mistakes and slowdowns for much higher end-product quality.

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Enterprise Asset Management

Lastly, every business requires a detailed overview of all data assets currently present in-house in order to function more effectively. As such, an enterprise asset management tool should be high on your list of business intelligence tools to consider for future integration into the existing business model.

It will allow for a wide range of data monitoring and analysis activities in departments such as IT, equipment and company facilities to name a few. Using a one-stop-shop to keep an eye on your business' assets will ensure that you always have access to a detailed overview of what makes your business tick and how you can improve upon the existing foundations.

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It can be tempting to opt for DIY business intelligence tracking solutions through hand-made spreadsheets and similar methods. However, judging by the scale of data in need of constant processing and analysis, as well as the multitude of different departments and ongoing operations, dedicated tools are a better solution to the challenge at hand. Make sure to implement BI analysis tools on a step-by-step basis to slowly assess how each of them can contribute to your business model, sales and data management respectively.

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