InetSoft's Data Warehouse Reporting Solution

Looking for data warehouse reporting tools? Since 1996 InetSoft has been making business intelligence software that is easy to deploy and use.

InetSoft's server-based reporting application connects to many data warehouses including Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Hyperion ESSbase, Oracle OLAP, SAP NetWeaver, Amazon Redshift, EMC Greenplum, IBM Netezza, Ingres, HP Vertica, MongoDB, and Snowflake. And it can also mash up data from other sources such operational databases, CRMs, and even Excel spreadsheets.

The drag-and-drop design tools let you quickly build interactive dashboards accessible from any browser and perfectly laid out pdf reports for scheduled email distribution.

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Reporting Solution Features for Data Warehouse Analysts

InetSoft reporting solution is very mature and offers features such as:

  • Data model, query and data blocks
  • Data mashup across multi-source data objects
  • Security control at the data cell level for users, roles and groups
  • Powerful WYSIWYG report designer
  • Word processor-like and HTML-like layout
  • Rich presentation element library
  • Dynamic expanding table, formula table, and super crosstab
  • Free positioning field based section(band)
  • Charting library with over 40 different types
  • Reusable meta template and report beans
  • Sub-report nesting
  • Advanced presentation - TOC, maps, images
  • Localization and internationalization to any language
  • Report, page, or element level scripting using JavaScript
  • Highlighting on background, foreground, font
  • Conditional control on element visibility, page break
  • On-export and on-print report control
  • Dynamic drilldown to report and URL
  • Alerts for exceptions or business-rule triggers
  • Data access connection pools
  • Data streaming and page streaming
  • Configurable data and report page cache
  • Clustered reporting service
  • Concurrent report threading control
  • Bursting and scheduled reports
  • Resource management on file system and database
  • Security control on data cell, report, folder
  • Security by individual, role, group, and functional module
  • Schedule with customizable conditions and actions
  • Archiving and versioning
  • Search across report meta data
  • Audit, access, and error logs
  • HTTPS support and encryption on PDF outputs
  • User disk quota control
  • Team development environment
  • Single sign-on and out-of-box LDAP integration
  • Web service and SOAP architecture
  • CSS driven presentation customization
  • Componentized portal
  • JSP tag library for presentation
  • IIS and MS Share Point integration-ready
  • Java API for data and report manipulation
  • Mobile reporting accessible from Web-enabled devices including Android-based tablets, smartphones, iPads, and iPhones
  • All popular Web browsers supported via HTML5 - e.g., Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
  • Zero-client, security controlled Web portal
  • In-report sorting, filtering, hide/unhide
  • Drilldown from any report element to another report or URL
  • Parameterization in cascade and staging modes
  • Summary/detail toggling displays
  • Report element context menu
  • Real-time viewing or queued reports
  • Dropdown lists, text fields and other form controls
  • Export to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and CSV
  • Email, server-based printing, and client-based printing
  • Archived reports with in-report exploration

Additional Information About InetSoft's Reporting Solution for Data Warehouses

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#1 Ranking: Read how InetSoft was rated #1 for user adoption in G2's user survey-based index Read More

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why select InetSoft
“We evaluated many reporting vendors and were most impressed at the speed with which the proof of concept could be developed. We found InetSoft to be the best option to meet our business requirements and integrate with our own technology.”
- John White, Senior Director, Information Technology at Livingston International

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Reporting & Publishing Features - Business Logic - add server-side JavaScript for run-time presentation control Modular Design - combine elements such as tables, charts, and sub-reports, to create a complete report Scheduling - monitor and schedule batch report generation with multiple output and delivery channels Multiple Crosstab Aggregations - use data aggregation methods like sum, average, correlation, variance, percentage of total, etc. and multiple levels of ugrouping in both directions Export Formats - export reports to PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, HTML, CSV, XML, PostScript, and text Chart Styles - choose from more than 30 chart styles (bar, pie, line, scatter, bubble, radar, 3D, Gantt, etc.) Formula Tables - use formulas in a spreadsheet-like manner to present dynamic data exactly as you wish Parameter Sheets - simple or multi-level parameter prompting based upon user input..

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Reporting Solution Example & Demo - This is a table of contents of useful product information about InetSoft's reporting solution for Style Report Enterprise. Its features are included in InetSoft's flagship business intelligence software for dashboards, reporting, and analytics - Style Intelligence. Deploying A Report From The Designer - Reports are usually deployed to the Repository by an administrator using the Enterprise Manager. However, a report template can also be deployed directly through the Report Designer. First, verify that an administrator has enabled 'Live Deployment' in Enterprise Manager, and that the Administration Servlet is currently running. Then follow the steps below...

Reporting Solution for a .NET Environment - Are you looking for a .NET reporting solution? Since 1996 InetSoft has been making BI software that is easy to deploy and easy to use. As a web-based application, InetSoft makes a good option for delivering self-service oriented reporting dashboards. View a 3-minute demo and download a free version...

Run and Deliver Reports Automatically - With our Report Scheduler, you can automate an unlimited number of reports, without creating additional work for IT or administrators. The Report Scheduler can be programmed to generate reports at any regular interval, whether it's a daily, weekly, or quarterly basis. A report can also be triggered on a certain date or when a certain condition or threshold is met. The function of report delivery is also fully automated and scheduled. Reports can be automatically delivered by email or print, as well as exported into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and other formats...

Top 10 Visualization Tools - InetSoft's solution is known for combining state-of-the-art visualization with more traditional reporting capabilities. Even InetSoft's free visualization tool, Visualize Free, has been ranked among the top 10 visualization tools in the industry. With an approach to BI that's focused on self-service, end-users can now perform the same data analyses and intuitive visualizations outside of the office...

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Web-based Information Access - "We selected InetSoft's Style Report Enterprise for its powerful and flexible application programming interface and for the light weight of the Web-based information access and presentation application," states Dhruv Gupta, Vice President of Product Management at AmberPoint. "We saved months of development time associated with initial internal development and were able to launch applications faster than if the reporting solution were developed in-house...

Web Presentation Layer - You are actually now actually delivering better data to your customer at a lower cost and in a timely fashion. So that's what we have seen is to get that agile business, having that data virtualization sort of becomes that last leg of that stool when you look at sort of that pervasiveness of giving a Web presentation layer, or an abstracted SOA layer providing the data services. Data virtualization sort of is that last leg that bridges that last gap that was missing in sort of creating that vision of that final architecture that you are now seeing in creating that agile business...