How To Make Dashboards

The first thing to learn about any BI platform is how to make dashboards. InetSoft knows this and has designed the perfect dashboard builder. InetSoft's core philosophy has been create an application that is powerful but easy to use.

To the right here you can see one the fully interactive dashboards that was built using InetSoft software solution.

InetSoft believes the ideal BI visualization program should be interactive and accessible, it should be sophisticated but it should also be learnable. Following these tenets InetSoft was able to design Style Intelligence to be powerful, robust and agile visualization software that's capable enough for a data scientist but easy enough to be used by a BI novice.

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Three Simple Steps to Start Dashboard Creation

To make dashboards using Style Intelligence the user has to follow three simple steps:

1). Load the Viewsheet, which is a software window that looks a lot like any familiar spreadsheet. Since Style Intelligence runs from the web using html5, installing Style Intelligence on a single computer at your enterprise allows any number of employees access to the program from their own desktop, in their preferred web browser, through CRM, or other connector portal.

Booting up the program and entering the Visual Composer, two clicks, will land a user in their blank viewsheet.

2). Upload your data. InetSoft offers tech help and training to get you started, connecting and linking up your data storage solution should only take two weeks (versus the industry standard of a month of getting your systems in sync with theirs). If you are employing spreadsheet software such as Excel it should only take minutes!

Data only needs to be uploaded once, and afterwards any change made to the source file that Style Intelligence is connected to is automatically and immediately reflected by the program, in its drag and drop icons as well as in any already made visuals based on the modified data set.

3). Drag and drop your uploaded data into the interactive and dynamic user interface. To make a chart drag the chart icon into the viewsheet, then drag a dimension and measure into the chart area. In less-than-a-moment Style Intelligence will display the data together automatically choosing the clearest way to communicate their relations.

But the user also has control and visual flexibility. For instance: if the program chooses a vertical bar chart, the user can still choose from over 30 combinations of chart types. Tables are even more simple: drag a column straight into the environment and the table fills itself with every available cell of data. Plus tables are fully customizable through preset templates or designs the user uploads.

Furthermore, the user can choose to build word clouds, completely customize coloring using presets or universal color codes that they can look up online. The user can experiment with sizing options, and customize display shapes (with the flexibility to upload their own shapes and patterns if they like!). This is all accomplishable using an intuituve and user friendly interface that helps the user along at every turn.

About InetSoft

Since 1996 InetSoft has been delivering easy, agile, and robust business intelligence software that makes it possible for organizations and solution providers to fully and simply utilize the inherent strengths of business intelligence strategies.

Offering a superior customer experience and a program powerful enough for experts but easy enough for beginners, InetSoft solutions have been deployed at over 5,000 organizations worldwide, spanning all types of different industries, including many Fortune 500 companies.

To find out more about how dashboard BI can put your data to work and get started with a Style Intelligence evaluation trial, register for a demonstration with InetSoft product representatives today, and don't forget to check the fully-featured visualization gallery.

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