Online Reporting Software

InetSoft's online reporting software is easy enough to be:

  • deployed in weeks, not months
  • learned by end-users with minimal training
  • scale up for organizations of all sizes

agile enough to:

  • grab the attention of executives
  • access from any Web-enabled mobile devices including tablets, iPads, and iPhones
  • meet the demands of power users

and robust enough to:

  • adapt to changing data structures and business needs
  • accommodate data exploration through visualization and maximum self-service
  • offer secure enterprise level development and deployment
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InetSoft's Style Intelligence software allows users to create professional reports and dashboards using a simple point-and-click interface. Style Intelligence is a complete business intelligence platform thanks to its interactive interface that functions in all browsers. Its patented real-time data mashup Data Block™ architecture allows for drag-and-drop combining of data, presentation or functionality from multiple sources.

Additional Examples of Online Reporting

online manufacturing quality dashboard
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Who Uses Online Reporting Software?

Online reporting software is used by businesses and organizations to create online reports and dashboards for their input requirements. These tools allow viewing, creating, and editing reports through a web interface such as a web browser. Some examples of online reporting software include InetSoft, Insight Software, and Power BI.

What Kind Of Job Roles Use It?

Data analysts are responsible for gathering and organizing large sets of data—and then analyzing that data and using their analysis to draw specific business conclusions, whether that's how to effectively price products, cut costs, or improve customer retention. Other job roles that use online reporting software include project managers, engineering managers, technical project managers, business account managers, senior managers in IT and IT infrastructure management.

Is There Free Online Reporting Software?

Yes, there are free online reporting software tools available such as Qlikview Personal Edition, Qlik Sense Cloud Basic and Qlik Sense Desktop, Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, Google Data Studio, InetSoft, Microsoft Power BI Desktop, Databox and EspressReport Lite.

why select InetSoft
“Flexible product with great training and support. The product has been very useful for quickly creating dashboards and data views. Support and training has always been available to us and quick to respond.
- George R, Information Technology Specialist at Sonepar USA

What Are The Features To Look For?

Here are some features to look for in online reporting software:

1. Data Visualization - The reports a reporting tool generates should be able to give you insights at a glance. A reporting tool should have multiple data visualization types.

2. Drag-and-Drop Reporting - If you use a tool to create a report, you should be able to add components without any difficulty.

3. Interactive Reporting Dashboards - Interactive Reporting Dashboards are a business data management tool that allows users to interact with data by tracking, analyzing, monitoring, and displaying key business metrics. Interactive dashboards allow executives to drill down and filter information, giving many dimensions to data to be viewed in detail and from different perspectives. With the help of various interactive features, users can explore the data on a deeper level and make well-informed, data-driven business decisions.

4. Static Reports - Static Reports are reports that examine data in the past and offer a snapshot of trends, data, and information over a predetermined period to provide insight and serve as a decision-making guide. Static reports are usually found in emails or print, shared easily and provide consistent information for a defined period creating a unified perspective. After initial use, a static report is usually filed away and used for the purposes of historical data analysis.

5. Live Reporting - Live Reports are reports that display data that is constantly updating and changing. Live reports are excellent for capturing in-the-moment changes, trends or behaviors and improve the ability to react to the moment and can help predict outcomes in the near future. Live reports update data continuously like streaming video. When an event streams it is live and the audience shares in the experience and can assist in determining the outcome. The audience is essentially looking at an event in real time, happening right before their eyes.

6. Integration Support - Integration support refers to the ability of a software to integrate with other software applications to provide a seamless experience for users. For example, InetSoft offers reporting and tracking integrations that allow you to add and update contact records with the information you collect, then create follow-up in InetSoft based on that data. Microsoft Learn offers Organizational Reporting service which involves a one-time setup to configure a pipeline from Microsoft Learn to your organization using Azure Data Share, and then you'll regularly receive the user progress and completion data in your environment once a day and can report on it using the method you desire. ServiceNow's Reporting feature allows users to get fast access to data and visualize data quickly using pre-defined reports and dashboards customized for each workflow.

7. Flexibility for Customizations - Flexibility for customizations refers to the ability of a software to allow users to tailor the dataset to their business case and make the most of the analytics data they have.

8. Wizards - Reporting wizards are tools that help users create reports by guiding them through a series of steps to define the report. For example, InetSoft has a Report Wizard that guides users through the process of creating a report.

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